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Florida Curse

  • Old people go to Florida to die, so they say.

    The Canadiens go for the same reason apparently.

    The Habs had chances to bury the Panthers early last night and failed to do so. The 1-1 score dragged on for ages and you knew the early chances would come back to haunt them and it did.

    On paper you’d think a short road trip to Florida to play some average teams should result in nothing less than a split and hopefully 4 points. The Habs need a regulation win tonight to get that split and come out .500 which is certainly possible but far from guaranteed.

    David Abeischer should get the start since it’s back to back and on the road. Not to mention Cristobal Huet seemed a little ‘off’ in yesterday’s game. He didn’t play bad but seemed to struggle with moving and getting up at his normal speed.

    The Lightning are second last in the East, only to the Flyers. This is a team with Martin St-Louis, Brad Richards and Vincent Lecavalier, collectively earning more money than you probably could in 10 lifetimes.

    Unfortunately for them, that’s about all they have. They are very vulnerable on defence and their 122 goals against and record speaks for that.

    This is a winnable game for the Habs and it would give them a very satisfactory record of 23-10-5 to start the New Year.


  2. #2 Jack Tornton says:
    January 2, 2007 at 2:35 pm


    If you hate the team so much, why you keep on comming on this site so often?
    You comment after almost every comment posted. 1/3 of the messages in this site are commented by you. LOL! You might not knoe it, but you might like habs after all!

  3. Welcome back Jack!

    understood…..everyone needs to vent. I try to ignore posts like the ones you’re talking about. Those people really need to get a life & we can’t help them with that. He was making a stab at getting some attention and couldnt do it with a knowledgable post that made any sense so, he opted for the approach of idiocy.Just dont read his shit.

    Hey, anybody hear any rumblings about Lapierre yet?…………he and his family were lead to believe he was being called right back up after the 27th.

    go habs!…..would be nice to something along the lines of a 6-0 blowout tonight for revenge.


  4. #4 hab heaven says:
    January 2, 2007 at 4:26 pm

    Gainey has come back to work! That’s good news, mostly because he needs to keep busy. It will also keep him from thinking about his terrible loss, and hopefully focus on the habs, and what changes or improvements need to be made. I sincerely hope he will realize that it’s important to bring Lapierre back up, and keep him with the habs the rest of the season. Garth Murray and Downey belon in the minors. They are just a waste of money, and their are other bodies more talented, who could replace them. As well, Plekanec belongs on the 4th line, no higher. Which means,try and rid ourselves of Ninnimaa and another forward, for a center. BTW, Nedved, a center, was just picked up off waivers.Too bad it wasn’t us, because we wouldn’t have had to give up a player to get him.

  5. We can’t beat the Devils. What’s our record against them…like 3-22 or some garbage like that?????

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