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Fun in Florida

  • Things are looking up for the Canadiens.

    The Habs are 3-0 on their recent road trip and with the Leafs loss to Ottawa tonight have put themselves 7 points ahead in the playoff race. It also draws them within 2 points of 7th spot Tampa. New Jersey isn’t too far off in the distance either. The Eastern Conference playoff picture is starting to get real interesting and the Canadiens are winning the right games at the right time.

    If you enjoy looking at odd stats then this road trip has provided a nice little gem. The Canadiens won both Florida and Tampa Bay back to back road games for the first time in 18 tries. Things are looking good indeed.

    What happend to Tampa’s defense? The Florida Panthers smoked them for 8 the other day and the Canadiens another 6 tonight. In the third period the Canadiens missed 2-3 excellent scoring chances which could have made it much worse. John Tortorella looked like he was going to blow his top.

    Chris Higgins continues to impress. Another 2 goals on this road trip and looking extremely confident out there. When Alex Kovalev gets about 8 minutes of ice time all game and still finds a way to score, things are going good.

    The Canadiens go into Philly Monday and they have not lost to Philadelphia all season. The crucial game however will be the next game in Toronto. If the Canadiens continue the trend and put another 2 points between them and the Leafs it may be lights out for Toronto. Montreal’s playing a lot like the team we saw in the first 10 games of the season. Where would the Habs if Huet played from the start?

    This could be the decisive road trip of the season as the Canadiens are putting themselves in a good position to finish the season. The Canadiens will end the year meeting the Islanders, Capitals, Maple Leafs and Penguins twice and the Bruins three times. All weak teams that are out of playoff position. The Canadiens will also meet the Devils two more times including the last game of the season.

    How high can the Habs climb?

  1. #1 Gumper says:
    March 5, 2006 at 12:34 am

    “Montreal’s playing a lot like the team we saw in the first 10 games of the season.”

    Well, I wouldn’t go that far. They are an improved bunch but I still see shades of low confidence with the likes of Zed and Bonk among others. Bonk’s a liabilty, still… I know they both had strong(er) games tonight. Noetheless, the middle lines are still not firing like they had in the first 10. They all should start shooting at the net alot more and be there for the rebounds.
    Higgins… what can you say. Higg’s and Begin are fantastic. 2 of the best and dangerous PK’ers in the league when there on, IMO. Huet, Huet, Huet… Theodore who? The defence is looking much more organised and poised lately too. Of note, Komisarek’s improved play. Go Habs…

  2. Actually I believe that your comment about the habs playing like they did at the begining is pretty accurate,with a few minor points to mention..At the begining the habs were playing well with a lot of confidence.However it is my opinion that it wasn’t so much their mastery of the pcuk in October that saw them winning as much as it was the difficulty of other teams having a harder time adjusting to the new N.H.L . If you remember the habs on many nights were simply “finding ways to win” as opposed to completely outplaying the opposition!!!That being said I’d bet my balls that BOB has a move or two coming before the 9th..And I can see in the play and result of late that both Zednik and Ribeiro believe they could be on their way out! As for “my Cristobal”,it would seem that most are still waiting for the other foot to drop. I believe that he is the real deal..we actually did well in the garon trade!Who knew that Bonk would be the dissapointment in that one!The habs have always been (At least since the 80’s) A team that will find a way to win as long as they have a solid goalie to lean on! and much to everyone’s surprise we now have one.. and he’s not costing us $5 million a year! GO HABS GO !!!

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