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Game 1: Habs/Pens

  • Jubilation.

    No matter where you were watching that game, whether from the comfort of your lazy boy, at a bar with nervous supporters or in Washington witnessing history be made, we all felt it. We watched  as our under-dog Habs set out and did exactly what they did in games 5 and 6 – outwork the Caps, score timely goals, and sacrifice body and limb to keep the puck out of Jaroslav Halak’s net. It was as exciting and glorious a moment as Habs fans have had in nearly 20 years when the final whistles blew and the players raced off of the bench to congratulate their goaltender who’s arms were held raised in victory. Habs fans around the globe celebrated into the wee hours of the morning.

    A curious thing happened next. First it was the papers.. Then the networks. It has since been echoed by countless bloggers and commenters since, who have tried to make sense of the comeback. It shouldn’t surprise me that there would be those who would not see the Habs victory, rather a Capitals loss. They talk of an implosion. They speak of how the Canadiens got ‘lucky’ to face the Capitals who were built for the regular and not post-season.

    Almost overnight, those outside of the enchantment of the Canadiens victory began stripping the luster off of the series upset. I’ve heard countless times now that it was “all Halak”, as though somehow that removes the validity of the victory. What a ridiculous notion given that the Habs blocked a mind-boggling 40+ shots in the final game alone in an attempt to defend a 1 goal lead. Halak’s performance was equally as impressive, and yet I can’t help but wonder why no one questions how Pittsburgh would have fared without Crosby, or where the Bruins would be without Raask?

    Incredibly, it seems as though the Canadiens have been given even less of a chance to win the 2nd round as they were given in the 1st when Washington was supposed to sweep 4 games. I said after game 4 that I’ve seen way too much playoff hockey to think that the series was over – and I meant it. I can’t predict that the Habs will win this series. The Penguins are the reigning champions and have earned every inch of respect that I have for them as a club. But there is a reason that you play the games. The pundits were shown just how much their predictions are worth when the team that would “struggle to win 1 game let alone 4″ did just that. All we can do as fans is watch and hope that the warriors that we’ve seen emerge in 7 playoff games thus far continue to battle in the manner that has made them so successful.

    There’s always a little extra excitement against Sid the Kid. Take it to them.

    Go Habs Go!!!

  1. #1 Donnie says:
    April 30, 2010 at 10:12 pm

    Tired? Is this still the playoffs? Listen guys, God bless em for what they did in the 1st round…it will never be forgotten. And no one can blame em losing to a team of champs like the Pens….but tired? Come off it.

    First time I’ve ever heard anything like this in the playoffs. First game of the second round and you’re tired…well maybe we are right in saying that you shouldn’t even be in the playoffs. Hows Halak gonna be a #1 when he’s tired after 3 games….twice in 8 he needed a rest?

    Brutal, lame excuse…these guys are pro athletes…alot of guys are tired but they show up to play. Detroit went 7 also…..they losy on 3 quick goals in the first …but they weren’t tired.

    Once again….all the respect in the world for the 1st round…but man-up…its playoff time. Bow out to Pitt, if you’;re going to….but do it with a bit of grace.

    Bunch of ladies….no excuse…play hard…don’t use “I never had a long enough nappy” to justify anything. Disgusted and embarassed over how we started this 2nd round. Grow up and play the game. How this team can go from having some of the proudest fans in the world, to having us hang our heads, in the matter of 1 game…is frightening.
    Get bounced with some style…leave it all on the ice. Tired….please !!!

  2. #2 Senet1 says:
    May 2, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    Tired might not be an excus, but there is no question when you have a well rested team playing a team that just finished a very hard 7 game series, which team is going to have the most jump. Also we saw what a two game rest did for Halak after game 3-4 of the caps series. The most important part of playoffs as opposed to the regular season is preparation, especially for a team that has to play a strong defensive game like Montreal. i did not expect much out of our team in game one. It that is an excuse for the team then so be it. I have watched playoff series like this for almost 60 years and I have seen situations like this many times and two things always happen, the team that is rested either has more jump than the other team or they have a rustiness to their game for at least a period or two. Pittsburg seem to have the jump which I expected because they were prepared to play and we were not. Any rust soon wore off. I bow to their superior team talent and experience, but I do not count my team out of this series. However, the coach has to develop a game plan to deal with their offence and especially their PP. If we can do that we can win this series. Out goaltenderes though regardless which one plays has to stand on their head if we are going to win against a high powered offence.

  3. #3 Senet1 says:
    May 2, 2010 at 1:09 pm

    Teams that are Tired and that inclues Detroit the tiredness shows up in different ways depending on the team you are playing. Whena team in tired it shows up in breakdowns and mental focus. When you are tired it is more difficult to stay focused and therefore you have those types of breakdowns that you do not have when you are not tired. Detroit will be a different team in game two becaue they will be better prepared to deal with these issues. I believe the habs seemse dto be prepared to play Pittsburg 5 on 5 but not against their PP. Losing Markov off the second PK unit did not help either. I beleive will with be better prepared in game two, but will be be able to replace Markov’s 25-27 minutes a game???? Will Spacek be able to bring aomething to the team.

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