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Game 11: Habs/Bruins

  • The Montreal Canadiens know exactly how the Boston Bruins feel right now. Last place in the conference. Not getting the results they need. Feeling the heat from the media. As bad as it was for the Canadiens last week facing an historically bad start – at least they didn’t have to play knowing that only a few months ago they were the best team in the league. How do you handle that?

    Clearly the team has no answers. Claude Julien was one loss against the Canadiens away from losing his job after the first round of the playoffs. Then the team put together a storybook Stanley Cup run. Jobs were saved. Goats were made heroes. And now heroes are turning back into goats as if the Cinderella team was holding true to the fable.

    This much is true: The Bruins are going to come out with guns ablaze tonight. Nothing in the world could releive the pressure they currently feel than a victory against the Montreal Canadiens in Montreal. As huge as Montreal’s victory over Philadelphia last week was for this team’s confidence, the Bruins would say that this would be bigger. They need a success. They need a win. There is nobody they would want it to happen against more than their bitter rivals.

    Montreal has the opportunity to do something they haven’t been very good at recently, which is – bury the Bruins when they have the chance.

    To do it the Habs are going to need the kind of effort they gave for the last 40 minutes of Thursday night’s match. The team seems to have their mojo back. A second victory over the Bruins would lift the Habs into a tie for 7th place in the conference. But let’s not count our points before their earned. There is 60 minutes of hockey to play to earn those.

    Go Habs Go!!!

  1. #1 Senet1 says:
    October 30, 2011 at 9:29 am

    With the defence seamingly stablized the offense can concentration more on playing offense. Price seems like a different goalie when his defence are playing well. He now seems to be able to make that big save because he does not have to make as many of them in the game. What I also like is Cole seems to be getting more comfortable with his teammates and it shows in his contributions to the team. We are getting offense from three lines and the Young centres are providing offense like we always knew they could. So now we are in a position to start to tweak the team. I would be seriously shopping Gomez by Christmas time I believe he is moveable now to any team that has cap space. I believe that AK is happy now and seems to be playing well. Whether he is happy enough to want to sign another contract at the end of the year will be interesting to see. It probably all depends on his overall success this year as well as the teams success.

  2. #2 Mats Naslund says:
    November 1, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    Senet – I don’t think PG will stop shopping Gomez until the end of his contract. Montreal has proven in the first 11 games that they do not really require Gomez. Desharnais and Eller have both been strong to start the season.

    I would expect that in the short term Gomez will be moved to the wing – likely on the third line with Eller and AK46. Moen has done a good job thus far in that spot, but ultimately he’s most valuable as a fourth liner. Blunden might be the guy to go back down – or there could be a lot of pressbox time in Mathieu Darche’s future. Ryan White’s possible return in Dec/January could complicate matters further.

    This much is certain – I wouldn’t put Gomez in for ANY other player in the top 9 at this point. I would give Gomez a chance to earn his spot among Eller and AK46. If he produces – Montreal benefits. If he doesn’t we might just see Scott Gomez down in Hamilton – which really would be a sad state for a guy who hoped he could turn his career around when he was brought here by Gainey.

  3. Matts I agree in regards to Gomez. I would hope that we can trade him even if we did not get that much for him. Freeing up 7+M in cap space would help us add what we need to make this a better team. I like the way David and Eller have improved this year and agree Gomez should not get his spot back without earning it. If he could provide a spark to the third line and maybe help the power play by bring the puck up the ice. Then he could earn some of this money. I would hate to see him sent down to Hamilton but maybe that is the only option.

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