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Game 15: Habs/Thrashers

  • After a terrifying meltdown in the late stages of the Halloween match against the Maple Leafs, the Habs will be happy to get away from the barber-pole costumes that always seem to create paranormal activity, and take on the Atlanta Thrashers. I apologise for not getting a game blog up for the Laffs game. I had a Halloween event that went far longer than I had expcted.  Can the good guys take another two pointsTuesday night?

  1. #1 Mats Naslund says:
    November 4, 2009 at 12:05 am

    Brutal outcome tonight for the Habs. I didn’t get to watch so I can’t comment on the team’s play – but I can talk about the rumours surrounding the Canadiens.

    IF Montreal is going to make a deal there are a few scenarios in which a deal COULD make sense. Chicago is now in preparaton mode for Hossa’s return. A deal could be made in this scenario if Montreal can make salary work.

    Aparently Nashville is said to be interested in the Kostitsyns. Montreal would be very interested in JP Dumont, although I cant see Nashville trading him. The Price rumors could involve Rinne, but again, I find this hard to believe.

    Colorado could be another team on the prowl for another goaltender. There are many interesting prospects that could be sent back our direction – but a deal would be made hard by the weakness of our trade value.

    The other team that I might keep my eye on would be Minnesota. They currently occupy last place, and may be looking to shake things up, although the only interesting pieces on the team are Havlat (5m), Backstrom (6m), and Brent Burns (3.5m).

  2. The biggest problem as I see it with a Chicago trade is they don’t have the cap space and either do we unless a package adds up to the same dollar value. Chicage is going to want to cut cap space at some point because for the potential signings coming next year of their young stars. So as much as would be nice to keep guys like Laraque we really need his 1.5 cap space, it would seem if we are only going to play him when we play tougher teams then we cannot afford to keep him.

    Nashville would probably want more than two for one we may have to sweeten the pot a litte to make that trade.

    Colorado, not sure who we be able to get is say we traded Halak. The nice part about Halak is his salary does not hurt us.

    Minnesota, only guy here is Burns that would fit our salary cap with equal trade with cap space. So in order to make room for Burns we would have to deal one of our defence maybe two. Not sure this is what we are looking for unless we could swing a three team trade. Basically we need a winger for Plex and Burns would not cut it without a third team involved.

    I take it that you do not think we have a shot at Horton from Florida.

  3. #3 Mats Naslund says:
    November 5, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    I’m certainly not against a trade for Horton, but I don’t really see the benefit for Florida unless Andrei picks it up soon, or we add a goalie to sweeten the deal. Horton had been struggling, but is now second on the team with 10 points. The next closest player has 7.Florida could definitely use some help offensively, but until Andrei (4pts – 15 games) and Sergei (6 points – 8 games) prove they can put somepoints on the board, there aren’t too many teams that will take a flyer on them. That said, would a trade for Horton be worthwhile for us if we had to send a package like Kostitsyn + Price? or Kostitsyn + Halak? I’m not sure I would take that chance..

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