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Game 16: Habs/Preds

  • Is it just me or should the logo for the Predators really just be a picture of a guy with a child molester mustache? Maybe look a little someting like this? They’re called the Predators for cripes sake.

    Anyway – It should be an interesting night in Nashville as the Habs face the Predators.  It happens to be the Preds 1000th game tonight, which means they’re catching up to ol’ Hal Gill. Gomez will be back in the lineup in some capacity. It has been reported that he’ll start as a winger on the 4th line, although just how long he stays there is up for debate. My guess is that after a shift or two he’s bumped up in the lineup hoping to bolster the scoring lines who will be without Andrei Kostitsyn and potentially Michael Cammalleri.

    Jacques Martin, in his infinite wisdom has decided to sit Alexei Emelin in favor of playing the human turnover machine – Yannik Weber on defence again. Not that I;m trying to bash Weber or Diaz, but they do not have as many hits combined in 30 games played as Emelin in 8.I’m not saying that Emelin has been fantastic since he started with the Canadiens – but there has been nothing in the play of Yannik Weber or Raphael Diaz to suggest the Habs are better served by sitting their most physical defenseman. We’ve seen how other players in our system have had their confidence fu@ked with by Martin is his distain for young (and Russian) players. For a team that has one of the softest defense corps in the league it is insane to play Diaz OR Weber over Emelin until he proves that he is not capable. Martin is treating it the other way around, and I fear that Emelin may not ever get the chance to find any rythm to his game unless there are injuries to one of the afformentioned defenders.

    Budaj gets a rare start tonight. Lets hope he can be as good as Price was in the 2nd period of Thursday night’s game when he made 17 stops.

    Go Habs Go!!

  1. The problem is Emelin is not getting the ice time now so is he ever going to see ice time once Markov and Campoli get back into the lineup.

  2. Oh I forgot Rocky said Markov would never play again. Sure how he is 100% wrong.

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