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Game 18: Habs/Flames

  • I’ve always hated the Flames. Probably because they made me cry when I was 8. I still hate them, and Lanny McDonald’s dumb ass moustache. Halak is in net tonight, I wonder if his agent has any stats for his previous record against Cowtown?

    Go Habs Go!!!

  1. #1 PACTUM SERVA says:
    November 10, 2009 at 9:58 pm

    You sound a little pissed of MN lol.Yeah what is with halaks agent anyways? Twitter? You got to be kidding me

  2. Yes the agent sounds like a real team builder. All we need is more controversy.

  3. Matts I think the pressure of this big money setting up the game blog is getting to you. Have a few beers and it will look better in the morning.

  4. #4 Mats Naslund says:
    November 11, 2009 at 8:07 pm

    Haha, yeah that must be it! Seriously though, I think the reason I’m down on this team right now is that while I’ve been pleasantly surprised at times, the reality of the situation has set in – this team can be alright, but they wont prove any doubters wrong.

    Going into the season felt that if any of the younger players stepped up, we would have a solid two scoring lines that had been supplimented with grit in Moen, Metro etc. To date no young player has done anything noteworthy. Maybe that isn’t true because it has been noteworthy how collectively they have managed to not step up. While we watch the youth on other teams grow into professionals we struggle to put 6 forwards on the ice who can be counted on to score with any regularity. Its totally bumming me out. The stats don’t help. Through 18 games Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Latendresse and Pacioretti have a combined 5 goals between them. That is just flat out unacceptable.

    While everyone thought that Kovalev’s struggles were tough to deal with last season, it makes me cringe to think of how bad things could still get if these 4 dont figure it out soon. They dont have to lead the team, but they do have to be able to justify their ice time with results. It is already having an effect on the smurfs. The fact that they are the only source of offence means that they are pushing far too much – with poor results.

  5. I noticed the other night in Calgary that the smurfs could have had four or five goals but they are not taking their time to get in position to shoot. So Matts you are right I think the smurfs are being affected by the lack of scoring form the rest of the team.

  6. I think it is time for BG to try bringing up AK 74, based on what I read he is playing well in Hamilton and working very hard. If that does not work then BG has to make a move. If the last three games are any indication we have not lost them because of our defence I think it has improved a lot since last week even. But our scoring has been very weak. We have received steady goaltending, not great but nothing to stop us from winning. If you look at every game but one we have had a change to win the game in the third period so if we score three goals a game our record would be above 500% and not where it is, so we have to find some offence form somewhere if it isn’t available within then a trade must be made. Right now there are teams looking for defence and others looking to lower their cap space and others who have a scorer like us just is not producing. I say give AK 74 a week and if that does not work then trade is the only way if we want to make the playoffs this season.

  7. Matt’s you mentioned that our youth is not demonstrating that they are ready to provide the much needed offence so maybe it is time to trade some of it away along with a veteran or two. We have a lot of defenseman we have Big George who is not playing?? We had the two AK boys totalling 4M. So I can see us moving up to 7M in cap space to make room for something better than what we have for the #2 line. We have a good anchor in Plex, so what we need is a good big strong winger. We also could use a right handed defenseman. we keep cycling the puck aroung to that side and the poor left handed defenseman is always turned the wrong way to go up the ice. It is not his fault it is just the fact he cannot take the puck on the back hand along the boards.

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