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Game 20: Habs/Preds

  1. How much longer can we wait before the AK & SK situation is dealt with?

  2. Well, I said I wasn’t going to say anything on here this year until I had something good to say. Starting to think that may not happen…so here I am.
    What is it going to take to make us good again? The 3 big pickups this off season(though I like seeing them more than the players we let go), are as I feared…just a step sideways. 6 mil a season for a forward, and you have to be AT LEAST a point-a-game guy….not gonna happen. All we really did was what the Rangers have been failing at for years….trying to buy a team, not build one. Does’nt work.
    We have alot of wasted or non-factor draft picks who aren’t really gonna help this team, so panic button rules dictate to take a shot in the dark….Gainey did, and 20 games into the season now, it’s safe enough to say…we’re stinkin it up. Not enough production from our firsy line(that sound familar?). Our D-men look like we just hauled em off a 3rd tier pick-up league. And when Price has a rare great game…we can’t get him a W cuz we cant score 1 goal??? 2 out of the last 3 now.

    Boring, bland, drab, average hockey. Good enough to be around a 500 team yet again, and finish anywhere from 7th to 10th with a first round exit, if we make it…yet again.
    20 plus years and I can say sadly that there is no urgency this year to watch these guys try to play. I find myself scanning thru the other games in the league more and more, looking for SOME excitement. Never thought I would ever lose this much interest, but here we are. And we have the balls to laugh at the Leafs?

    Theres at least some major thing wrong in every aspect of the game. Too many 3rd and 4th liners…way too much under-achieving…and for the love of God, pick a goalie, and GO WITH HIM. A #1 we need. 40 games each again isnt going to make anyone improve. One of these guys have to start playing 60+ games a year to advance to the next level, as all the top notch goalies in this league do.

    Choppy, unskilled hockey…painful to watch. Martin is not helping…bad move from day 1. Whats wrong with this team?….Everything! Playing for a paycheck instead of the win. When Markov comes back, when Markov comes back is what everyone is saying….stop fooling yourselves. The little improvement he may make will mean nothing in the big picture. I can’t even start to guess what this team has to do to get good again…but I’m thinking this is Gainey’s farewell year.
    I’m p*ssed, fed up, and actually cheered when Nash scored the second goal…wow, unfamilar territory. This team sucks-*ss and its time to stop with the excuses and for someone to say so. Make better use of future draft picks…..we have a long time to wait til this team gets good again. Brutal display so far this season…arguably worst than the last few…and the last few should not be hard to improve on.
    Anyways, I surrender…I give up. So tired of being frustrated and having every set of expectations dashed time and time again. Can’t fool myself any longer…we are a bottom feeder and looks like we will be for a while. Au revoir !!!!

  3. #3 PACTUM SERVA says:
    November 15, 2009 at 5:51 pm

    Could have not said it better myself donnie……sad when you really think about it.

  4. #4 whigdoog says:
    November 16, 2009 at 2:20 am

    What a bunch of nay sayers.. C’mon guys. Sure that was a bad game but it’s twenty games in. It’s not as if it’s time to pick up the golf clubs. Go Habs!

  5. Finally, someone with a positive outlook. It would be great to build a time through the draft, but few teams every do it successfull anymore. It use to be possible and make some improvements like Pittsburg and Chicago. If you are lucky enough to have everything jell together like Pittsburg great, that happens once in a 25 year. Ottawa tried and were close, Pittsburg were fortunate to get two of the top four players in the league but still if they did not get Gonchar back last year they would have been lucky to make the playoffs. Chicago is now making waves but because of the cap they will probably have to trade two or three of their strong support people to sign their young stars. Where Pittsburg scenario all came together, it looks like Chicago’s will fall apart before they get a chance, so they end up with an entertaining team but not a winner??? The cap seems to control every aspect of our game today. If we could go out and get a Vinny or someone like him we would probably move up into the top four teams in our conference. But we still need all the pieces come together at the same time. Detroit is the only team that I see that has been successful in the draft without actually drafting a top five player in the league. Of course it does not hurt to have the best defenceman in the league for a number of years now. We replaced two or three guys that last year were not consistent and many times did not show up. Our top three or four forwards have shown up every night. I have not seen Gomez, Gionta or Camy taken any shifts off, and Plex is playing some of the best hockey since he joined the habs. I am convinced that we need to find two forwards with some size and offensive upside. If that means trading away some of our so called future then so be it. I have probably been a habs fan longer than most, some 58 years. I have seen some good teams and bad teams over my years and yes I have got discouraged at times too. But one thing I was taught by my dad when I played sports, and that was not to give up, that goes for your favourite team too. Sorry guys but I will still believe that we can turn this thing around but we do need to make a couple of changes soon. Think how bad Pittsburg look this time last year, I wonder if their fans were saying the same thinga as we are right now? Then all of a sudden in January they could not loose and the rest is history

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