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Game 21: Habs/Canes

  • Tonight the Habs take on the basement dwelling Hurricanes. They would do well to take this game very seriously however, as we all know that letting points slip against lesser competition is the fast-track to the bottom. And while we could surely stand a few high draft picks at this point – none of us wants to go through that mess.


    Go Habs Go!!!

  1. well based on last nights comments, there seem to be a few you feel that is what we should do go into the tanker so we can get some quality first rounders. I for one am not in favour of that and I assume Matts that you are not too. However, even if we decided to rebuild, would the habs bloggers still be as negative about the team????? I think so!
    There are other ways to do this such as trading for first rounders but based on today they have to be longer range than just next year because most teams will not part with their #1 easily. We had the leafs #2 but traded it away?? Not sure that was a good move?

    I would like to have one last look at SK74 before he is traded or he goes overseas. I was hoping that Gainey would be able to make a move by now, because as long as he is in Hamilton he will leave as soon as the Olympics are over. Then we will never see anything out of him or for him.

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