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Game 21 :Habs/Flyers

  • Well the much anticipated rematch is here. Although its just the 2nd game of the season between these two teams – the rivalry already carries the weight of a playoff series. Thanks to two playoff match-ups in 3 years, and some incredibly juicy trash-talk, the Habs-Flyers rivalry is quickly becoming either teams “backup” hatefest. Clearly the Bruins are, and will remain “that team” for the Habs. Clearly the Penguins will always be the team that sends Flyers fans into a fit of rage. But there is something to be said about two teams who because of great hockey – simply don’t like each other.

    Tonight is going to be crazy in Philly. Though I’d love to see the Habs take 2 points, what I’m hoping for most is that all hands make it through the game unscathed. No cheap injuries. Nobody out for extended time because of a game with run-away emotions. I suspect both teams would like to scale back the emotion in order to put forth their best game. Though Philly tends to feed off of their physical play – it didn’t serve them well in the previous meeting.

    The puck drops just after 7pm tonight. Go Habs Go!!!

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