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Game 22: Habs/Kings

  • In 1993 I was a kid who lived and breathed the Montreal Canadiens. Frankly, not much has changed since the last time the Canadiens were champions. That said, I remember as clear as a 12 year old can that feeling of beating Gretzky and his Kings. These days, there is no rivalry to speak of between these two clubs. Quite honestly, neither has been all that great since. The fact that almost an entire continent separates these two teams dictates that rarely do they meet.  Still, there will be added excitement in the Bell Centre tonight. There is nothing a Montreal crowd likes more than a chance to watch a young, skilled team with budding superstars.

    Often I think about certain players in the league and wonder “how would this player be regarded if he was to play in Montreal”. If this city can become enamored with the enigmatic and aged Alex Kovalev, how might they fall in love with a 23 year old Anze Kopitar. A city that has pined after a big, skilled centre would go bat-sh!t crazy for a guy who stands 6’3″ and produces points at a rate that would make Kobe blush. Kopitar has 11 points in his last 8 games and while he’s already produced mega points at the NHL level – one wonders what his exposure league-wide might be if he played on a team like ours?

    There is no doubting that Drew Doughty is already regarded as a candidate for the Norris trophy at the age of 20. The kid is simply divine.  While everyone in Montreal is (rightfully so) gushing love for PK Subban, finally those same Montrealers will get the opportunity to see what the Western Conference sees in Doughty.  His skills are a rarity, and it will be interesting to see a “side-by-side” comparison of how our young blue-liner stacks up.

    Montreal could use a win. Carey will start again. Gomez must be feeling the heat by now. A good game by him is desperately needed.

    Go Habs Go!!!!

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