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Game 23: Habs/Wings

  • Thats what I get for missing a game. Montreal upsets a cup contender on the road in an amazingly exciting game. The Habs get 2 points… maybe I wont watch tonight either. Well thats not going to happen. The Habs welcome the Red Wings tonight. Here’s hoping that Travis Moen and Scott Gomez are ok after sustaining injuries in last night’s tilt. Here’s also hoping that the Habs can avoid the let down that sometimes accompanies exhausting back-to-back games. Carey will have to be fantastic again tonight.

    Go Habs Go!!!!!

  1. When you watch the way we played last night it was like watching an entirely different team play the game than what we have been watching recently. If the team skated, and checked like that every game and Price plays his game then all the negatives we have been hearing about are unfounded. I have been saying it for a month now this team has the ability to play in the top six in the league although we still need some help offensively this team is not that far off top four. It is hard to build that case when they played liek they played last week but a lot easier when we see them play like they did against Washington.

  2. I apologize for being part of ruining this blog. I have been trying not to let this twit get to me but one can only take insults so long. The funning part about this egg head is he has no idea who I am and yet me makes comments that he knows nothing about. He reminds me of the school yard bulling who had no guts but pretended to be Mr. Tough guy until he was challenged, when I challenged him about how we would change the team, the best he can come back with is sissy, pussy, and idiot. So it is obvious he knows nothing about hockey or he would offer something constructive. I have come to the conclusion that his vocabulary is very limited. Anyway, I think it best I take a rest from the blog, so that the rest of you can enjoy it. Hopefully, Mr. Truth will mature someday and either talk about hocket or leave the blog.

  3. Joseph has convinced me to not let him bother me and stay on. I will do my best not to get into any dialogue that is counter productive.

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