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Game 24: Habs/Jackets

  • And so begins the post-Latendresse era in Montreal. Lets just hope he doesn’t go all John Leclaire on us now.

    We now usher in the new Pouliot era in Habs-land. Don’t get too excited about his 1st round draft status in his draft year. The term ‘you get what you pay for’ could certainly be extended to this case. Still, Pouliot does differ from Latendresse in 2 key areas: 1. He can skate 2. He has spent time in the AHL learning how to play defense in a Lemaire system which should potentially fit Montreal’s needs under current bench-boss Jaques Martin. He’s currently¬†hurt, so we’ll have to wait for his big premier. Q. Is his birthplace of Alfred, Ontario a controversy? Stay tuned. Lucky for him he speaks francais… note heavy sarcasm there.

    Tonight we see the Colombus Blue Jackets who got lit up 7-4 last night. Conventional wisdome would say we’re in for a barn burner.. but c’mon. Do you have any expectations left Habs fans?

  1. Not sure about Alfred, Ontario. If it’s Alfred and Plantagenet, halfway between Montreal and Ottawa, it will be one of those French Ontario towns.

    I don’t understand the sarcasm. Given equal French and English players, Montreal would and should choose the French. It makes it easier for the French Canadian fan to identify with the player, which is a big part of fan-hood.

    Perhaps your point is he’ll experience the burden of excessive expectation. Yeah, that’s what they do there. I was in Montreal chatting with a local fan some weeks ago. I asked whether the feeling was that LaTendresse would develop into a 25-goal scorer. I was informed that they expected twice that.

  2. Sorry to hear that Pouliot is injuried, I was hoping to see him play tonight. Anyway, I agree with Matts that he brings something different to Montreal than Latendress did, hopefully his offensive upside will start to show in his fifth year. I am hoping it was because of his lack of icetime and Lemaires defensive system that has held him back, otherwise he may make a good third or fourth line player, but not what we are looking for our second line.Latendress scored 4 NHL goals in his first 3 years. This guy has 9 in four years and a total of 47 playing in both the AHL/NHL. So right now he is not even close to Latendress in the offensive department. I only wish Latendress would have had the same opportunity to develop his game in the AHL like Pouliot, we may not be trading him right now.

  3. #3 Mats Naslund says:
    November 25, 2009 at 11:25 am

    Spoxox, my point is that with very few French speaking players on the squad, he’ll have no place to hide should he continue his under-acheiving ways. You illustrated the point perfectly in that the French media and fans expected Lats to be a top-tier goal scorer even when it flew entirely in the face of logic. He has struggled so far to be a quality 3rd liner. I absolutely agree that the Habs should always be on the lookout for Quebecois talent that will live and bleed the tricolor.

    As for last nights win: Wow. I couldn’t be online last night for the downs and ups of the victory, but man was I bi-polar. You knew that Colombus was vulnerable with Garon in net, and after the shelacking they took against New York, but it was VERY encouraging to see some of the faces that stepped up last night, do so.

    Cammy was stellar. Plex was fantastic. Andrei was strong on the puck and complimented the top line well. The D was solid. Carey was a wall – again. Sergei brought skill and vision with the puck that we haven’t seen with the kids since – well the last time he was playing with the big club. I couldn’t be happier with the Habs effort from the powerplay in the 2nd period which changed the whole momentum of the game. From that point, the Habs youth won battles, took great shots and created the kinds of chances you really need to be competitive in the NHL. Pretty impressive considering they were missing over $25 million in salary last night – How many teams could withstand that?

  4. #4 whigdoog says:
    November 25, 2009 at 1:26 pm

    I think last night’s game was the funnest game to watch that the Habs have played so far this season. It’s good to see Price continue to roll.

    I do have one question. Is if difficult for a French-Canadian hockey fan to identify with an English speaking player? I realize that in the past this has been a hot-button issue. I am an English speaking Canadian of Hispanic decent and have been a Canadiens fan since 1992 (which I know is not as long as many of you). I for one don’t have trouble identifying with any player wearing the Canadiens sweater.

    I have not spent much time in Quebec, but I hope to, one day.

    Later guys.

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