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Game 26: Habs/Caps

  • Its Saturday night and the Habs take on the Washington Capitals at Centre Bell ce soir. The couple days off following the loss to the Penguins has afforded the Canadiens with the opportunity they desperately needed to rest and heal. Unfortunately they will still be fairly short-handed tonight. Jacques Martin will dress 7 defenseman with Jay Leach possibly playing some minutes at forward.  We’ll have to wait and see whether Gomez, Pouliot or D’Agostini are added to the lineup at the last minute. Can the Habs pull off another upset against an elite opponent? Can Carey continue his fantastic play? Can the Habs make it through 60 minutes without suffering another injury?

  1. Lets hope that they can come up with a great effort from everyone to dresses, because without that we have little hope of beating this team. That being said maybe the ghosts of seasons past will help the team get through this game on a winning note.

  2. Well we have played Washington twice, Pittsburg and Detroit in our least and out of a possible 8 points we got 4 points which is pretty good. Now it is important that we start to do even better against the weaker teams. We Play the Leafs this week and although they always give us a good game it is important that we win if we are going to move up in the standings we have to start winning these games. Anyway right now we are out of a playoff spot, and although we have been playing much better lately it is hard to move up in the standing with the 3 point games. So it is important not to blow the games against the weaker teams as well as the teams that we have to beat in order to move past them in the standings. So go habs go.

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