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Game 28: Habs/Canucks

  • There is no reason that this game should be considered any more important than any other.. except that the Canadiens are in the middle of another very dangerous swoon.

    Their game against Columbus was one in which they were lucky to have even gotten one point.

    Frankly, if it weren’t for the play of Alexei Emelin, Lars Eller, and some brief moments for Louis Leblanc I would say that that game was my least favorite of the season.

    The season is at a critical juncture in terms of the leadership of this team. The Canadiens were hoping that they were getting more than a perennial 45 point player when they signed Brian Gionta 3 years ago – and that is what they have. When the Habs signed Michael Cammalleri, they were sure that the twice 80 point earning winger would be the centre-piece of their offensive attack.  #13 is on pace for 46 points if he stays healthy for the balance of the season. The 46 points that Eric Cole is on pace for will be a disappointment for everyone, though not a shock given his historical performances, and the fact that he is adjusting to a new team.

    I won’t even go there with Scott Gomez.

    You can’t really expect much more from the kids. They’re doing a great job. For this team to excel there is $22Million in forwards that have to play somewhere near what their contracts indicate they should.

    Plain and simple. The veterans have to be better.And they’d better start producing soon, because the Habs have 1 less win than the Winnepeg Jets – and nobody has illusions of the Jets in the playoffs.

    Its time to man up.

  1. I agree Mats, as I said earlier this week, your best players have to be your best players and our best players at times are our worst. I believe that we have to shake things up by trading away either Cammy or Gionta. Gommez could be a throw in. I cannot really fault Cole he seems to be playing by himself most nights. He makes good rushes with no one to pass to and no one is crashing the net for his rebounds. He is not a sidney Crosby and even he needs help to generate offence. Pacioretty also seems to be out for a skate most of the time. I think the players who want to win are trying too hard and the rest are just taking up space on the ice. We know that these players have talent and we also know what they are cabable of, so in my opinion they are playing to get the coach fired?? At least that is how it seems. How we are so close to 8th place at this stage of the season is surprising and that is why it is hard to give up on the team. But changes need to be made.

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