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Game 29: Habs/Wings

  • I have to keep this quick because I’m actually about to head off to Detroit to catch the game tonight. This will be a great test for BOTH teams tonight. The Wings are in the midst of a losing streak.. at least thats what its called when the Wings lose 2 consecutive games these days.

    The Habs will need their best game tonight, and the word is that PK Subban will be in the lineup to support a powerplay that can ill-afford to take a night off.  I’m hoping for early turnovers in the neutral zone leading to Montreal odd-man rushes as a sign that Montreal has come to play.

    Go Habs Go!!!!

  1. Mats I think they came to play but the penalties just took our momentum, it is a classic way that the referees can take a great game and make it a walk over for one team. I am all most positive that two of those calls would not have been called in Montreal. Allowing Detroit back into the game when we were taking it away from them, Betman must have been on the phone tonight??????

    When I saw PK take a run at the Detroit player out at the blue line I thought hasn’t he learned anything from the three games he sat, forunately the forwards were able to cover up for him but really he has to be smarter than that!

    Outside of the penalty calls I felt we held our own against the wings, they did look dominate at times but we weathered the storm for the most part and took the game back in the third but by then it was too late, you are not going to win against Detroit when you get down two goals.

    So now what is the next move, I like Halpern but he is not a #2 Centreman and Cammy is almost relegated to a third line player. So we have two options as I see it, we move Cammy onto Eller’s line with Pouliot until Gomez comes back then call up Pacioretti and put him on a line with Gomez and Cammy and reunite Ellers line with Darche. To me the only line that did not seem to be making any progress was Cammy’s line tonight. Of course the other option is to make a trade for a top six forward.

    Finally, what do we do with Weber? He did not deserve to sit out tonight. Unfortunately for him he sat while Boyd played. It would appear that JM is convinced that Spacek and Hammer are going to be his go to guys against the other teams top line. I just do not think that they can keep this up all year, so enter Weber to spell them off?

    Mats you must be disappointed going to see the game and see us lose. I know I would have been disappointed. I was surprised as so many empty seats at least from the TV it appeared that way. I was in Windsor all day I guess I should have seen if I could get tickets. It happened to me last winter in Tampa Bay. they played terrible that night.

    Anyway tomorrow night is another game. Hopefully they stay out of the penalty box and score some goals.

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