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Game 30: Habs/Laughs

  • Well, as well as our team, I am returned to enemy territory tonight. I had the pleasure of making my way to ‘beautiful’ downtown Detroit last evening to watch the Wings and Habs play. The outcome was not what I was looking for, but I cannot complain about the end of the game which was about as exciting as any live game I’ve witnessed. There was mention of empty seats in the game thread, but the game was more than sold out with Habs jerseys filling a very large portion of the seats and crowding the standing room, drowning out Lets Go Red Wings chants with Go Habs Go. Had PK scored on that late play in front of the net I’m fairly certain those Wings fans would have gotten the OLE of a lifetime. The game certainly felt like a strange “road game” with so many Canadiens fans from Southern Ontario and elsewhere in attendance.

    I did not like the undisciplined play that cost Montreal their lead with 5 consecutive penalties taken. It totally robbed the team of any momentum and was not regained until the third period. The final frame was far better from my perspective, though ultimately fell short.

    There is no time to dwell however, as the Habs are right back at it tonight in what should be a somewhat less friendly atmosphere (although there is always a huge Montreal base of support in Toronto, both at the ACC and the Bloor and Bathurst area pubs which have become the default taverns of choice for Habs fans in my city.

    I would expect the guys will want some measure of revenge after falling just short last evening. I’m looking to the Eller, Pouliot, Darche trio to spark some¬†offence.

    Go Habs Go!!!!!

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