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Game 33: Habs/Avs

  • The Habs face the Avalanche tonight in Colorado in the first of a long stretch of road games that will usher the Canadiens into 2011. The Avs are doing well for themselves this year, despite injury troubles landing 40 points in 32 games (sound familiar?). I am excited to see how O’B has changed since he was shipped there – Colorado has raved about his consistency. I am also excited to see whether Patches can continue to inspire his linemates as he has in the past two games. The Canadiens really need to get two or three lines going in the same direction. We see how effective Philly has been because of their deep lineup. Its easy to pile up wins when teams have to shut down three lines instead of just one.

    Game starts just after 8pm EST.

    Go Habs Go!!!

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