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Game 36: Habs/Sens

  • Montreal’s season has been slipping away as they’ve bled points and played terribly in front of Randy C. Things had gotten so bad in Montreal that Cunneyworth decided to bench two of his most promising young players for their matchup against Winnipeg in order to give some tough love. That didn’t help the team.

    Eller and Subban should be back in the lineup tonight, and if the coach is paying attention he should let his team know that whatever slim hopes they have of playing playoff hockey, rest on producing a win in regulation tonight against the once-again red hot Senators.

    A loss tonight would land the Canadiens 8 points behind the Senators for 8th place in the East with too many teams ahead to hope to move up. A win would cut the Sens lead to a manageable 4 points. The season cannot be won tonight, but it could almost certainly be lost.

    I’m hoping that some time on the bench will be enough for Subban and Eller to bounce back. The veterans on the team have been so terrible this season, that all hopes rest on the young guys to salvage the playoff race.

    Go Habs Go!!!

  1. Well Matts I guess Eller and Pk answered your question. I think it was a good decision to sit them out especially PK because of the Minutes he plays. The most important part of this is that they took responsibility for their play especially PK. Ellers SH goal last night was a game changer. David played well with Cammy and Leblanc too.

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