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Game 36: Habs/Wild

  • It should be a wild night in Montreal as Gui! returns home . I wanna know what kind of $$$ he’s laid on the dressing room floor for whoever scores the winner tonight. I also want to know how we will all react if HE were to score the winner? Pactum? Senet1?

    I kid. I kid. Enough talk of the Wild winning. We NEED to win this game as we embark on an important road trip. Go Habs Go!!!!!

  1. Well the trade has been made and as much as I may have disagreed with it I am not about to say i told you do. What is done is done, we all know the talent is there but he just could not seem to be consistent enough to play for us, hopefully he can play better in Minnie, just hope it is not against us although you can bet he will be trying!

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