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Game 40: Habs/Trashers

  • Late game blog for this one as life is getting in the way of my hockey watching schedule! The Thrashers have scored first on a defensive breakdown in the Montreal zone. Lots of push back from the Canadiens, but as usual – goals are tough to come by.

    Go Habs Go!!!

  1. #1 Donnie says:
    January 4, 2011 at 12:20 am

    Hey there guys. I don’t coome on here very much anymore, however, I’m still a loyal, yet, a little less than proud Habs fan. I thought I’d come on here to give an update on the year so far and see who agrees or disagrees with certain details. So here we go :

    Seems like the Halak deal seemed to be the right one SO FAR. Pricey has stepped it up, however, he has be less than reptuable in the last 10 games or so. Is the old Carey returning or is he just beat out from not having the stamina yet to be playing so many games? Is he the future in Montreal….we’ll have to wait and see I guess.

    Our D as a whole is still pretty brutal. Although Subban and the recently attained Wiesnewski are bumping it up some. Hamrlik, Gill and Spacek are still the same old, slow and soft D-men they have been for the past few years. They are hurting the team as a whole, because of their lack of hitting, pisspoor puck movement, and giveaways, giveaways, giveaways. If there’s a God we will not be resigning Hamrlik again next season when his contract is up…this point should be a given, but this is Montreal we’re talking about and I have butterflies thinking about it. Gill not coming back would be a bonus as all he really is is a hunk of meat that blocks pucks….something alot of guys can do, and yet they can also bring other elements to the game as well…where Gill cannot. Please use these guys money to lock in PK and Weiser.

    Oh the forwards…where to start. Glad to see Lapierre gonzo. As he is one of about 6 seemingly cloned players we presently have on the 3rd and 4th lines. Pyatt, Darche, Halpern, Pouliot and even Moen as of late. We have a surplus of these guys…please don’t bring in any more of these guys Gauthier.
    Andre is still lazy and should have joined his brother…but it’s so frustrating to know that this guy can play when he wants to. Sort of a mini Kovalev syndrome.
    Our “top” for guys are really not performing up to par…as of late especially. I am happiest with Gionta as he is a great captain and leads the teams very well, including the goal category. Gomez is a major flub…even with the few points he is recording lately, he is still averaging just over a point every 2 games. Is that really worth the 8M he’s getting this season…that question is retorical, as we all know the answer. The mighty sniper Cammalleri hase only 12 goals…thats on pace for less than 30…again, underachieving, and Plekanec plays well at times, and at other times I cringe that we gave him 5M. All in all, about 25M tied up in these 4 guys, and not one of them averaging even 1 point per game…just not good enough !

    I am still on the fence however as to why this is. Is it lack of effort, the coach’s style, or a combo of both. I believe it is mostly Martin, and would still like to see him gone more than anyone…wrong type of players for this boring, outdated style. Let our forwards loose and lets see who the problem is huh? Muller is ready…give him the helm.
    You need to score goals to win and have success….need proof ? How about Crosby and Pit, the Sedins and Van, the boys in Detroit…just to name 3.

    Guys, as well as we started, playing under the Martin regime, when it all comes out in the wash, we are just gonna end up in the same spot yet again. An average team, just around .500, and battling for the 8th spot. Bring in all the players you want…until we get a coach these guys wanna play for, one who will let them showcase their talents..we are just gonna be the same average team. Offense is missing in Montreal and it starts with the coach….howver, having said that, the players are not off the hook…they have to start earning their money and play hard every game. Lets get some pride back to the bleu, blanc, et rouge.

  2. #2 Senet1 says:
    January 8, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    Donnie wish you would post more often I enjoy your comments. One thing I don;t necessarily agree with you is the play of Hamrlik and Gil

    First Hamrlik, basically carried this defence again for the first 25 games of the season. However, he is not able to play 25 min a game and was not met to play that much 17-19 min max. However, just like last year Markov’s injury has taken its toll on our defence and force JM to play Hamrlik and Spacek those 5 or 6 more minutes a game. So I do not see how we can blame Hammer he simply is doing his best based on what he is asked to do. If we can sign him again next year for less money I believe he will be back.

    To me Gil has done everything we have asked him to do and he and Gorges have made a good pairing. Unfortumately, if you look at the defence that have been costing us games it has been PK, Picard and Spacek and Weber to a lesser degree. Gil was our best defenceman last year in the playoffs and is still doing things that no other D-man can do for us. He is the reason we have such a highly rated PK.

    I think the addition of Wiesinski will help take up some of the extra ice time on the PP from Hamrlik and PK seems to be playing smart lately and should also see more ice time. That should help Hamrlik and Spacek and reduce their ice time to what they can handle.

    Again you have to expect PK and Weber to make rookie mistakes and both are playing better as the season goes on. Picard played well early but started making serious mistakes and therefore was sat for quite a few games.

    I expect both Gil and Hamrlik to be resigned next year as long as we do not have more than 4 M tied up in them in total.

    The extra money that we have left over needs to go to Wysinski.

    Our forwards are just not producing, however, every team keys on them because they know they are going to stay on the outside. That is why we have needed a couple of big power forwards for the last two years, it seems management just cannot find the help we really need. As far as Plex is concerned he has been our best player all year and although he seems to be struggling of late he may be over worked too. I am disappointed in Cammy, Gomez and to a lesser extend Gionta.

    I agree with you about AK46, I have never liked him, he plays good for 10 games then disappears. If I could trade him for a power forward he would be gone.

    As far as Price is concerned, he is the reason we have the record we have, he has played terrific. There was never any doubt in my mind who was the better goalie. Halak has been exposed to the league now and is not playing nearly as good as Price now. There is also one thing everyone keeps forgetting when comparing the two. Price is still only 23, where was Halak when he was 23, in the minors with the odd call up. Price will be the better goalie for the next number of years and when Halak goes back to Europe, Price will be still playing.

    That is how I see it anyway.

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