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Game 41: Habs/Bolts

  1. #1 Senet1 says:
    January 8, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    Well I was impressed with a lot of things last night. But first and foremost I was impressed with the fact that we played to win and not to lose last night.
    2. I was impressed with our forecheck and our speed.
    3. I was impressed with the number of body checks through by forwards who have not thrown many body checks all year. Tampa were starting to hesitate. Did you see the look on St. Louis face when Gill hit him. He was expecting to be pinched into the boards and instead Gill actually hit him. Emelin did his usual fine job, also did you see that TB guy who attempted to hit Emelin and went down in this A_ss while Emelin skated away with the puck.
    4. Price played his usual game. I thought that Vinny’s goal was close to interference.
    5. Was sound although not many penalties. Refs let them play the game.
    6. Interesting we played 7 defencemen and Weber was the odd man out. I have to think that he is on the trading block.

    So I would like to make a pitch for a big forward, Bobby Ryan is my choice but I am sure there are others out there like Carter. I think that is what the Plec line needs is a big forward to make that line tougher to play against. Cammy seems reluctant to go in the tough places this year and that is why he is not scoring goals. He got credit for the one the other night against the Jets but had Plec not been in the crease area the goalie would have stopped the shot. Webber would work well in Columbus and Cammy may give them some scoring there if put on Nash’s line. Columbus also wants to trade Brassard he is not real big but is an upgrade size wise from say Cammy or Weber.

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