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Game 42: Habs/Flyers

  • Well lets not mince words here. Saturday was as embarrassing a loss that the Canadiens have endured all season long – including the beat down they suffered at the hands of the same Maple Leafs February 9th, losing 6-0. Saturday was brutal for Habs fans who had just celebrated the team’s success over the Buffalo Sabres – clinching a playoff birth. The let down was impactful and deep. The heightened scrutiny and nature of Habs-Leafs games on Hockey Night in Canada, meant that the melt-down in net, allowing 4 goals on 5 shots through the first period was bigger than it would have been had it come against the Sabres on Thursday night.

    Still, one loss is not the end of the world.

    Carey Price has proven himself time and time again. He bounces back. He’ll give the Canadiens a chance to win in the playoffs because despite what many within the fanbase have said this weekend – he is a very consistent net minder. Nobody in the league faces the type of pressure that he does on a consistent basis, and despite what many Habs fans think – a goalie cannot be perfect every game. Patrick Roy was voted in 2004 to be the greatest goaltender in NHL history by a panel of hockey writers. We all remember how he exited Montreal. Bad games happen. The difference between elite goalies and the rest is that the elite goaltenders can forget their losses and go right back to work. I’m confident Carey will bounce back, and at a time like this – the best things fans can do is as Carey once so eloquently put it: “Chill”.

    Go Habs Go!!


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