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Game 45: Habs/Rangers

  • The Rangers will be out for a measure of revenge tonight as the Canadiens host the Blue-Shirts this evening at the Bell Centre. Montreal won the last contest in a typical 2-1 fashion, which has become the norm over the course of the past month. Every game has been close – which means that its just as easy to blow it than to squeak out a win.  When you’re in a dog fight for a playoff spot – that is not a comfortable feeling.

    Montreal needs scoring in the worst way – because its defensive style cannot last forever. Defenders will make mistakes. The other team’s offensive stars are going to make good plays sometimes. Montreal simply doesn’t have the firepower to get up by a couple goals to win games easier. Jacques Martin held meetings with certain individuals over the last few days to try to boost the offensive mojo. In particular he spoke with AK46 to try to work out how the two could be more productive together. Here’s hoping they listened to each other – because this team needs goals – lots of them.

    Go Habs Go!!

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