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Game 46: Habs/Flames

  • I won’t lie, I’m pretty excited for tonight’s match-up. Yes the Flames have stunk this year. Yes its been 22 years since these two teams met in the Stanley Cup Finals. Still, I’ve always hated the Flames.

    1989 was the last time that two Canadian teams met in the Finals. Pat Burns was our coach. Bob Gainey was our Captain. I was convinced that the Canadiens would beat the Flames who’s moustached Captain (Lanny McDonald) I learned to hate above all other’s. I was 8 years old then, and balled my eyes out when the Habs eventually lost in 6 games.  Funny enough, 22 years later – I still hate the Flames. I guess I always will.

    It will be interesting to see how the two teams react tonight to the heightened energy in the crowd that always surrounds games between Canadian teams – especially two teams that rarely see each other because of the NHL’s scheduling rules. I certainly don’t expect many of the players are as invested in the story-line as I am. PK Subban was born the night before that Stanley Cup  series started. Lars Eller – the week before.  Still, when two Canadian teams play – there is something extra on the line. I’m hoping the Habs bring their skating legs tonight. Something like the first 40 minutes of Saturday night’s game would be perfect.

    Go Habs Go!!!

  1. Well Mats they brought their game tonight again but it only lasted for about 30 minutes tonight because we got too big a lead for JM to manage so he told his boys to go out there and play badly for 25 minutes so that he could make sure the game was a closer game. JM did not wnat to win this by a big score, he wants suspence. You see JM’s strategy is to prepare our team for close games come playoff time. So we have to blow big leads in order to make sure that each game is close. That is the only logical reason I can come up with???? What do you think?

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