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Game 47: Habs/Sabres

  • The Habbies are back at it tonight in Buffalo. It could be a huge game for the Canadiens as they have an opportunity to draw even with the Bruins for top spot in the division (though the Habs will have played 2 more games).

    Almost all of the talk today in the Habs universe has centered around the celebrations that followed PK Subban’s OT winner. I have to say, I can’t believe fans of this franchise sometimes. Have we all be so brainwashed by HNIC’s Coaches Corner and Hotstove that we must analyze every single outburst that occurs in the sport? This is madness!

    Every time PK so much as sneezes he has to answer for his actions in the media. Has Taylor Hall had to explain for this? We all know Pat Kane was going for something bigger with this. So what is the deal?  PK celebrated a game-winning OT goal after he played a game-leading 27 minutes, including over 6 minutes on a perfect penalty kill. When asked, Alex Tanguay couldn’t see why everyone in Montreal was getting so worked up. Essentially he felt that the celebration was due to the goal, and not any slag to the Flames.

    I say cut the crap. PK has played a role in developing his reputation, but he hasn’t done anything to deserve the kind of mud that he has been dragged into constantly over the past 4 months. He’s young and exciting, and for once – the Montreal Canadiens have exactly the type of player they’ve been pining for for years!

    Here’s hoping PK still has the mojo working tonight.

    Go Habs Go!!!!

  1. Mats you neede to send your comments to CBC and Don Cherry.

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