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Game 49: Habs/Sens

  • You gotta love Saturday night rivalry games. The Leafs and Bruins usually get most of the attention, but the Habs/Sens rivalry is strong with lots of visiting team jerseys filling the stands. The game is more important tonight given that the Habs and Senators are gridlocked in the Eastern conference playoff battle. Both teams currently have 50 points and hold tenuous ly to 7th position. A win tonight will mean a tiny bit of breathing room, and the opportunity to close in on Boston who sit 3 points ahead but are comfy in 5th place. This is the time for positive thoughts. As much as we’ve grumbled about the team’s performance, a few wins strung back to back could change our perspective immensly (although a few losses could do the same… ssshhhh….).

    Ottawa should see a morale boost with the return of Daniel Alfredson to their lineup. The Habs will try to jump on the Sens early in order to give Carey Price a cushion to work with.

    Go Habs Go!!!!!

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