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Game 5: Habs/Sens

  • The Habs will meet up with the Senators tonight after earning a well deserved win in Buffalo last night. Both the Habs and Sens have had an inconsistent start to the season, and both will be trying to extend their respective one-game winning ‘streaks’ tonight.  Staying strong on the puck and controlling the puck will be key for Montreal as they’ve been far better as a team when they are pressuring the opponent, rather than sitting back on defense. Brian Elliot will start for the Senators as Pascal Leclaire ‘shockingly’ is out with a groin injury. Price, who has been absolutely fantastic to start the season with a .925 save percentage will start once again for the Canadiens. Lets hope for a quick start to get the home fans into it!

    Go Habs Go!!!

  1. #1 Mats Naslund says:
    October 17, 2010 at 10:15 am

    It was a great win last night against the Senators who are still looking rusty to start the year. After a fairly even first Montreal dominated the Sens (though the score did not reflect it) out shooting their opponent 29-8. Even so, Ottawa did hold a 3-1 lead half way through the 2nd period on goals by Carlson and Michalek, but the Canadiens put on their hard hats and continued to out-play the Senators, getting a grinder energy goal by Jeff Halpern, and a fantastic goal on a deke by Andrei Kostitsyn to enter the 3rd period tied. The eventual winner was scored by Tomas Plekanec on a fantastic rush led by Kostitsyn. The Habs now have 7 points through 5 games and have to be exceptionally pleased to have given Carey Price a win at home in a game in which he gave up at least one weak goal. Carey did himself some large favors through the game however – making timely saves on the rare chances that Ottawa could muster.

    PK Subban had another shakey night which will make the layoff until Thursday’s game against the Devils a little more uncomfortable for the rookie. PK is still learning when to make the best pass, and had more than a few giveaways and turnovers last night. One wonders how long of a leash Martin will give Subban on the powerplay with the return of Roman Hamrlik to game shape. Personally I’m still very pleased with PK’s dynamic presence in the lineup. I think the good still far outweighs that bad at this point. Once Markov returns to the lineup PK will not only have a model from which to learn, but he will not be relied on to control the powerplay, which will allow him to do what he does best – join the rush.

    I have to also mention that the play of Andrei Kostitsyn over the last few games has been entirely fantastic. It doesn’t hurt that he’s playing with Plex and Cammy, but I have been very impressed with the #1 line thus far this year. Thats right I said it – #1. Honestly at this point it seems as though whenever this line has the puck something exciting is about to happen. Their passing is fantastic and they have been consistently buzzing the net in each of the games so far this year. I’m hopeful that we can have an injury free year for this line. I’m confident that each player on the line could achieve 70+ points given the kind of chemistry they have currently.

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