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Game 54: Habs/Panthers

  • The Habs play the Florida Panthers in what has become a broken record cliche – another incredibly important inter-conference matchup. With half of the conference locked within 3 points and the NHL season set up the way it is, the odds of playing a direct competitor for a playoff spot is about 1 in 1. The Panthers are without¬†leading scorer Nathan Horton which is a tough break for a team that generally struggles to score goals. The Habs will be hoping for a lift from new call up Ben Maxwell, although where he will play remains somewhat unclear given the return of Sergei.

    I want to pose another question to the group. Sheldon Souray has reportedly given his GM a list of teams that he would consider a trade to. Clearly whether or not Montreal is on that list would be an important factor in determining whether or not the Habs could land Sheldon. That fact aside, would you trade for a guy who has all kinds of physical presence and a blast of a shot from the point? What would you give up?

  1. #1 wolfbiscuit says:
    January 25, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    Personally I am not keen on the idea of landing Sheldon Souray. Between Markov and Bergeron I believe we have scoring defensemen. I would rather see the Habs bring in a defensive center.

  2. I for one would not want Souray back, beside I do not think we can afford his salary so he would be a rental player at $5.4M.

    I would rather see a power forward if possible to fill in on the PLEK line. That line needs a physical presence.

    I am not at all against landing a defensive centre but he would have to be someone who wins a high percentage of faceoffs.

  3. Although the Oilers have marked Justin Penner as not being on their for sale list, now is the time to trade the Kost boys for Penner and a draft pick. I do not like the thought of trading the Kost boys, but AK will be out most of the balance of the season and probably will be slow to come back to his playing status before the playoffs. Sergie has played well since coming back but at this point he has not shown us his offensive side and I think he would be one player that the Oilers could work into their building plan. AK would also be helpful to the Oilers.

  4. Oh between the two we give up $4M in salary cap space. We need to make room to sign Plek and our two goalies.

  5. #5 Mats Naslund says:
    January 26, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    I’m going to throw a few names out – yea or nea and why you would or wouldn’t pursue them as a trade from the struggling teams out of the playoff picture.

    Steve Ott: F. ufa – 1.42 mil – tonnes of sandpaper for a playoff run. On pace for 30 points.

    Raffi Torres: LW Grit, UFA skill and determination 2.25 mil – On pace for 40 points.

    Milan Jurcina: D, UFA A huge stay at home guy who is one of only a couple players who are not – players for the Blue Jackets. 1.375 mil.

    Alex Tanguay: LW , UFA I know it seems silly, but at 2.5 mil dont you like him a whole lot more?

  6. I like Torres because of his size and his ability to score 20 goals and I think if he were on our like with cammy and Plek he could score 30. I like his size and and his age is in his favour.

    I liked Tanguay last year and I wished he had not got injuried becuase I think he could have help us, but I think we have too many of this type of player on our team now so I would not pursue him. His salary is much better now than last year. Too bad he had to be asking so much last year or he would probably still be a hab.

    Milan Jurcina, I am not familiar with this buy, but I like his age, size and his plus minus even on a bad team. So yes I would consider him in a trade. Oh and a RH shot which is something we need.

    Steve Ott: Age ok don’t like his size even though he plays big. Not what I am looking for in a power forward.

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