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Game 6: Habs/Sens

  • Well if you were preparing yourself for a let-down after 3 straight wins last night, you definitely went to bed feeling giddy. And why shouldn’t you be? Last season the Montreal Canadiens started 1-4 showing early signs of how disappointing the season would be. Compared to that mess, 4-1 looks exceptionally good. Who knows if the Habs are for real this year. We witnessed too much bad hockey last year to think that everything has magically resolved itself with a few roster changes and a front office make-over. But one thing is for certain – Montreal has played better hockey through 5 games than we saw at any point last year.

    Ottawa has been very good as well to start the year. Erik Karlsson continues to be awesome, and their ageless wonder Daniel Alfredson continues to be excellent. More importantly, Craig Anderson has been unbelievable posting a .967 save percentage and a 0.98 goals against average through 5 starts. I have heard rumours that both clubs intend to start their back up goalies tonight. Montreal should be so lucky.

    Go Habs Go!!!

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