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Game 61: Canucks/Habs

  1. Well you have to be impressed with that first period. Good goaltending, decent defence and good offensive changes and heads up play by Koivu. Looks like the team we thought we would see all year, hope they keep it up.

  2. Hey we had some positives tonight even though our offence did not seem to get on track the team had something that they did not have most of the year. Great goaltending. So we have some good things happen tonight, yes we could dwell on the negatives but I think we’ve done that for most of the year. So lets dwell on the positives. Good powerplay, great penalty kill, great goaltending, we capitalized on all our scoring changes, I thought the defence played much better tonight, our main problem was not the defence tonight but the the offensive players not getting the puck out of our end. Oh and we hit well.

  3. #3 Mats Naslund says:
    February 25, 2009 at 2:34 am

    The stats are really going to lie on this one, as Montreal was fairly content to sit on the lead. They didn’t get their first shot of the 2nd period until almost 10 minutes. The third period was a full scale New Jersey Devils trap and frankly we were lucky not to let Vancouver back in the game. But as you said Senet1, a win is a win. The points are crucial this time of year, and the teams that capitalize on their chances when they get them are the ones who win tough games. It wasn’t pretty, but when you have a goalie going crazy you can afford to play all out defense. I still say that the team needs to learn how to defend a lead – you have to be able to control the puck instead of dumping it and then waiting for the other team to do their worst.

  4. Mats, I did not like us sitting back on the lead either, what really worries me is we were successful because of Halak goaltending, I hope this does not become a trend. At the same time what I did like was the fact we were successful. One thing I noticed about the game was Halak made the first save and the defence cleared the rebound, something we did not do last week. All you can really ask of your goalie is to make that first save, then the defence has to take over and control the puck. Hopefully, this is anothe positive coming out of this game.

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