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Game 61: Habs/Caps

  • Just a quick note as we get ready for the game tonight between the NHL’s best team and the Montreal Bulldogs. Great news to see Andrei Kostitsyn out skating (even if only in sweats). We couldn’t possibly need good news more now than ever!  Here’s hoping for a miracle tonight. Go Habs Go!!

  1. #1 Mats Naslund says:
    February 11, 2010 at 11:36 am

    What a game last night. Mike Boone at HI/0 called it the most entertaining hockey game the Canadiens have played since “the Comeback” against the Rangers 3 seasons ago. Its hard to argue any different. Far from a textbook victory, the Habs blew a 5-2 3rd period lead and won the game with 8 seconds to go in overtime.

    Against any other team in the league I would be writing about the monumental collapse in this space today. I can’t do that though. The Capitals really are something to behold. On Sunday I watched them fall behind 4-1 to the Penguins and tear down the defending champs in exactly the same way. Any other team in the league, and I would be talking about Price, and his penchant for allowing back breaking goals when the team needs a stop the most. I would say that if I didn’t watch the Capitals make MA Fleury (the Olympian) look equally as inept on Sunday afternoon. If the Capitals weren’t the best team in the NHL I would talk about how undisciplined penalties cost us a victory in regulation. You don’t like to see it, but the Capitals force teams to do stupid things. It’s what they do.

    Instead of focusing on those things I want to focus on what went right. Specifically I want to talk about how the Habs from the first shift put on their hard hats and went to work to win the battles for loose pucks and turnovers that gave them the lead, and ultimately won them the game. You have a guy like Tom Pyatt who played like a man possessed next to the guy he was traded with (Gomez) to the Canadiens. Pyatt had 7 shots on the night – which resulted in his first goal in the NHL. More importantly he displayed the mix of grit and hands that are needed when playing with Gionta and Gomez.

    The line of Plekanec, Sergei and Darche was fantastic last night. Plex potted two goals. Sergei ended the game with 3 assists. Darche was held off of the score sheet, but was a force all night long. Like Pyatt, Darche battled for loose pucks and allowed the skilled guys he was playing with more time with the puck in order to score.

    Another man possessed last night was Glen Metropolit. This guy continues to add to his status as the greatest waiver pickup the Habs may have ever had. There is a reason he scored 63 points in 44 games in the Swiss league in 05-06. He has a nose for the net, and the determination and toughness (maybe thanks to growing up in Regent Park) to get there. His is honestly one of the most compelling stories in the NHL, and the effect he has on his teammates is incredible.

    Top to bottom, the Habs have seemingly changed over the course of the past 5 games. Even in a loss to Boston, the team displayed all kinds of heart which is incredible considering the disastrous injuries that have plagued them since day 1 of the season. My final thought is this: After the Olympic break the Habs will get Cammy, Pouliot, and Andrei back – at which point the coaching staff will have some tough decisions to make. What would YOUR lines look like with a healthy roster? Who would you send back to the Hammer? Would you spread the scoring over 2 or 3 lines?

    Gomez – Gionta – Pouliot
    Plekanec – Cammy – Darche
    Metro – Kostitsyn – Kostitsyn
    Lapierre – Moen – Pyatt/MAB

    JM would be able to roll 3 lines heading into the playoffs. Of course, MAB’s position could change depending on injuries on the back end.

  2. Mats I like the idea of three scoring lines with responsibility to defence as well. I suggested it myself on the weekend.

  3. I would even go as far as to create a third line with the three injuried players and leave the two lines we have right now in tact. Can you imagine which line would the opposing team decide to check. The two that are working very well right now or the line of Pouliot, Cammaralli and AK46.

    That would still leave Lapierre, Metro and Moen as a formable fourth line.

    There is still one thing that I would like to see and that is for our defence to not pinch quit as much, it just seems to me that we are getting caught up ice too much causing 2 on 1 and good scoring teams are going to work that play 60-75% of the time into a goal.

  4. Play great against strong teams and lousy against weaker teams. Great win against Wash, but what is with this team? Forechecking, wide open hockey, terrific breakout passes, exciting and a joy to watch….but then when we play teams behind us we crap to bed….make any sense? Nice that we beat these strong teams, but the only problem is theres more teams behind us right now, which means more crappy games than good ones.
    Play like you did against Wash, Pitt, and Van when you play Flo, TB, and Bos and we’d be riding high. Trying to stay optimistic as optimism is all we really have in Montreal these days, but I’m not being fooled again….we’re gonna follow up 1 or 2 great games with a lackluster, half-as*ed effort…it’s what we’ve been doing all year and for a few seasons now. I’ve caught on to the trend and have been burned many times before when I think a great game means a turn-around for this team.
    Where the heck is this energy and skill when we play the weak teams…beating those teams is whats gonna solidify a playoff spot….wow are we as*-backwards or what.

  5. #5 Lopes33 says:
    February 12, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    Unreal game, so fun to watch had a blast good job boys! Watch that 2 goal lead…

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