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Game 63: Habs/Flyers

  • I didn’t get to see much of the game yesterday, so I can’t comment on the Habs play. I did catch the skirmish at the end which will no doubt carry over into tonight’s game. Given that the Habs gave up 3 goals before they started playing yesterday, I’m going to suggest they get on it early tonight. You can thank me later for that advice Martin. Critical game tonight heading into the break. Go Habs Go!!!!

  1. No comments??? Why not?? Anyone with the unrealistic hope that is a great team waiting to blossom are coming back down to earth now maybe. Come on Olympic hockey…want to cheer for a good team for a bit. Anyone who got all warm and fuzzy with the performance we put on against the Caps should read the Game 61: Habs/Caps section, Blog #4 and …….TA DAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!

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