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Game 63: Habs/Leafs

  • The news got a little more interesting today as Pierre Gauthier made a deal to bolster Montreal’s ailing blue line.  With a 4th round pick and Ben Maxwell PG was able to land Brent Sopel and Nigel Dawes from the Atlanta Thrashers. Certainly not a block-buster by any stretch, Gauthier has added depth in Sopel while Dawes is headed to the Bull-Dogs in Hamilton.

    Sopel has 2 goals and 5 assists this season in 59 games this season. Most importantly he brings another veteran presence on their banged up blue line.  Sopel is a fantastic shots blocking stay-at-home defenseman who will bolster the Habs penalty kill. Considering the price I think that although Habs fans have been pining after a marquee name, the club did very well in this deal – by being able to bolster their roster without giving any significant future prospects. Given that Spacek is rumored to be done for the season – the Cap hit that Sopel brings (2.3M) is redundant – leaving space should Gauthier be looking to add any offense via trade..

    The word on the street is that Sopel will not be in the lineup tonight against the Leafs but will join the Habs for their next game against Carolina at the Bell Centre on Saturday.

    Encouraging news that defensive help is on the way.

    Go Habs Go!!

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