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Game 66: Habs/Kings

  1. #1 Senet1 says:
    March 7, 2010 at 11:06 am

    I watched the game last night and the habs played well until LA got the second goal, then they seemed to go back in their defensive shell for about 5 minutes and I kept saying to myself here we go again. Fortunately LA does not have the big strong forwards that SJ has not the quality of scorers and our defense were able to block more shots for Halak than they did for Price two nights earlier. Finally, the Gomez line came out and we got the puck out of our end and some sustained pressure in their zone. That seemed to set the tone and the other lines also seemed to spend more time in LA half of the ice. Once that happened the clock seemed to click faster and finally the empty net goal to relieve the pressure. I thought Halak looked great on most shots as he usually goes but he was very luck that LA could not get their stick on the puck on a rebound in his crease with about 4-5 minutes left or it would have been 3-3. I think it was Modin who missed the puck. Anyway we won the game and that is all that really counts.
    One think painfully obvious is that Plex needs some help onhis line. AK46 does not have his game back yet, he did get some good shots on goal last night and hopefully that is a good sign but Plex worked his heart out with little support moving the puck from his linemates. The Gomez line seemed to control the puck almost every shift but the rest of the lines it was hit and Miss. Hurry up Cammy we need to to get back, Plex line needs you too.
    I cannot figure out SK74, he seems to be playing well defensively and working hard but offensively he is not being as creative as we know he can and he seems to have cement hands lately too. This is a guy who was in the top 20 scorers at the Olympics and played very well for his team. So is it confidence or what???

    In Mats San Jose blog I asked the question about our defence, it seems that know one wants to tackle that question which sort of surprised me. Anyway it is all in fun hope someone takes a shot at it.

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