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Game 68: Habs/Lightning

  • If ever there was a time when our team needed to step up – it is now. We’ve seen the Lightning cruise into Montreal too many times before and take 2 points. There is no denying the effect that the city has on Lecavalier, St Louis, and Tanguay. It is as simple as this: Tampa trails us by 5 points in the standings with 3 games in hand. If Montreal is to have a chance at the post season, they not only have to win hockey games, but they have to beat the teams behind them when given the opportunity.

    You HAVE to believe that we’ll see a steady dose of Jaro Halak to close out the season. Whether or not Price deserves the bum rap given how terribly the team plays in front of him is irrelevant. Halak gets it done right now – and unless he slips – he has to be the guy.

    They’re all big games this season. Go Habs Go!!!

  1. #1 Mats Naslund says:
    March 9, 2010 at 10:58 am

    There was one other thing that I wanted to comment on. Its the time of year to complain about the NHL’s moronic points structure.

    The Habs have 32 wins for 70 points. The Bruins have 29 for 69. Where do the extra points come from? The Bruins have 5 more points than the Canadiens this year – earned by losing in overtime. It’ll never happen – but I pine for a day when the NHL awards 3 points for a victory in regulation, 2 for a win in extra time, 1 for a loss in overtime, and 0 for a loss in regulation. Gone would be the days when a team could lose itself into a playoff position. It would force teams to try to win in 60 minutes, and stop rewarding passive play with tied scores in the third period. Do it Bettman you little scumbag.

  2. #2 Senet1 says:
    March 9, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    I always hate to see rule change in our game but we have messed up the game so bad in order to selling it to the americans that we might as well change the way we award points too. I understand what you are attempting to do and it does make sence, but someone did the math the other day and there were some changes but we ended up out of the playoff because we won some may OT games. Anyway one thing about this type of change you can always compare teams who have 150 points with the teams who had 105 and still decide who was the best team. It will encourage less OT games, but then again does the NHL really want that?

  3. #3 Mats Naslund says:
    March 10, 2010 at 10:37 am

    I’m not advocating for the rule change because it would specifically benefit us – I want it because I feel that teams who get into playoff spots by virtue of losing in overtime is ridiculous. The Habs won again last night, giving them 72 points. Boston looses in OT (AGAIN) and has 70 points with 4 less wins than us. Thats unbelievable. They have 12 points this year (to our 6) for loosing in overtime. Last year we made the playoffs by virtue of OT points over Florida, even though they had more wins in regulation.

    For me, the clincher is when you watch two teams in a playoff hunt stop attempting offense with 10 (or more) minutes in an overtime game. It reminds me of playing “Blades of Steel” with my brothers when we were kids. We’d let the time run out every game without scoring just so we could get to the shootout which was the best part of the game (other than fights). There is no denying that teams are more interested in gaining a guaranteed point by tying than pushing for a last minute goal. In a 3 point system, a win in regulation would be so valuable that getting to overtime would be a punishment.

    Anyways, thats my rant. It wont happen so I’m not really looking to push it further. A great game by the Habs against a team they desperately needed to beat. I cant leave without commenting on Gomez, Gionta and Pouliot who are on absolute fire right now. Watch out league if we ever get two lines rolling at one time!

  4. #4 Senet1 says:
    March 11, 2010 at 12:06 am

    Mats there is nothing wrong with your suggestion but the same thing use to happen before we broke ties with teams winning because they had more points due to more ties and fewer wins and loses. The only difference is now they get a point for a loss. Now they achieved a tie and have a chance for a win. Now sure but I think we have quite a few wins in OT. Your suggestion would make those wins worth 2 points and a regulation win worth 3 points. Lower place teams and defensive teams would play for the tie and chance to win 2 pts. Whereas high scoring teams would go for the win. It might open up the game, who knows unless it is tried. One thing for sure the better teams would have a wider spread in points from the lower teams that still make the playoffs. I do not think the NHL brass would go for it because they like the close races that this system creates, it is good for revenues, so I doubt if they would implement it.

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