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Game 69: Devils/Habs

  • Marty Brodeur may or may not tie Patrick Roy’s win record tonight. A nice story, but not important. Patrice Brisebois starts his 1000th game. Another nice story. Not important.

    Habs are up against a very tough team and having left a point on the table against the Islanders, earning some tonight becomes even more crucial.

  1. #1 crankyintoronto says:
    March 14, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    Let’s face it guys, its not working…even with Guy gone, there is a malise on this team…I wished I knew the answer, but I do not. There’s a lot of high priced help that should have the answer and do not (Mr. Gainey). It’s a regroup for 2009-10 season at this point. The game tonight was a great summary of the ills. Few were willing to mix it up…and I am sick and tired of watching les glorieux watching the other team take the puck in the cormers…come on, if you are not willing to do it for pride, earn your contract

  2. #2 Donnie says:
    March 15, 2009 at 11:15 am

    Firing Carbs or not firing Carbs….who cares, it’s done…these guys weren’t playing for Carbs the same way they are not playing for Gainey. The reasons theres problems it seems that this is just a horrible team. There’s no one playing for anything…they are just going thru the motions night after night…and is the softest team assembled in this league.
    Our D don’t hit, they get get beaten too easily, they back up and surrender the top half of our zone on any given rush by the opponents, and some of them even let up when racing to the boards for the puck because they don;t want to get hit..thus, surrendering the puck to the other team.
    Our forwards, can’t pick up breakout passes cleanly, dump it in 90% of the time however are not strong enough to go and win it back, when we do carry it in the zone it’s always with elbows scraping the boards…where alot of our shots on net come from, they refuse to try and stick handle into the slot , go to the slot or front of the net in any way shape or form..this also in because they don;t want to get hit….and when they get hit along the boards they stop skating and glide, whereas the other team delivers the hit and keeps going for that puck.
    How is a team like this supposed to win? Basically we have a team trying to win without body contact, hitting, breaking a nail or sweating at all….a disgrace in any season, let alone this one. Even when Koivu, Tanguay and Plekanec want to work for the puck they are too small…they usually get flicked rather easily to the ice as the other team progresses. Two thirds of this squad are skilled enough to score goals or create offense, and the third that can are too scared and girl-like to go to the net and don what it takes to score them. Wow, what do you do if you’re a coach, a GM or an owner?
    Even guys who have showed promise….our “BIG” propest guys like D”Agostini and Pacioretty look terrible out there now…..sucked into the void that this Habs team creates.

    This is the absolute worse I have ever seen this team play, but the reasons why I have already written. Right now I am embarassed to be a Habs fan (never thought I’d ever say that), I don;t even care to watch these fiascos anymore.

    We take alot of penalties…..well, bad teams take penalities. It stems from lack of composure, lack of skill, being frutrated at urselves for having no ba*lls to play this game right.
    Truth is, right now, we are an Atlanta, Florida, TB or NYI. We are 2 easy points now for anyone it seems, and this season is a wash. We will NOT make the playoffs, and who cares if we do scrape in there….this bunch of women can’t go anywhere. Tear it down Gillette…tear it down, pay for a legit first line center and start again from there. Stay away from an overload of these soft Euro girls and get some good Canadian boys ( and it is OK if they speak predominatly English)…just build the best team you can….Koivu should be first on the block…should have been gone years ago, is the most invisble captain on the ice in the NHL, and is getting 4.5 a year for this ???
    Anyways guys, long rant, sorry….I enjoy this site and come on a couple times a day to read what you guys write…probably gonna be my last time writing this season though cuz its all regurgitated junk I say….basically can;t think of any different ways to say this team stinks anymore….I give up…later men.

  3. #3 Joseph says:
    March 15, 2009 at 3:43 pm

    The truth, Donnie, is that Atlanta, Florida, Tampa Bay and New York have been a tougher two points than the Habs as of late. So please don’t insult those teams by comparing them to ours. :-)

  4. #4 teamhab says:
    March 18, 2009 at 1:46 am

    Donnie…you are right on every single count. So sad , so sad.

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