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Game 7: Habs/Leafs

  • Tonight’s game repesents a fork in the road for the Canadiens. While it is still far too early to pronounce the season in jeopardy, a win or loss will definitely produce the narrative for the short term. A loss will plunge the Habs into a full fledge slump to start the season. Giving away points in the early parts of the season can have critical implications at the end of the season. A win, on the other hand will go a very long way towards getting the team back on track and fighting to get back into playoff position.

    All that stands in the way is a very resurgent Toronto Maple Leafs squad who seemingly always find a way to play above their capabilities against the Habs. Montreal will need to keep a close watch on Phil Kessel who has erupted out of the gates to start this young season.

    It will be critical that the Habs veteran forwards find a way to score a goal early in this game. They struggled to solve Ryan Miller which was easy to take since they played so well against the Sabres. It was a lot harder to take against Pittsburgh.

    Get on them early Habbies, or the home town crowd might not be as kind as in Pittsburgh.

    Go Habs Go!!!

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