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Game 7: Habs/Senators

  • Tonight the Habs face the division rival Otttawa Senators on home ice. As hs been noted in all corners of the Habs blogosphere, it will be the highly anticipated return of Alex Kovalev. The question (as always) is which Kovalev will we see? Kovy is tied for 10th among Sens scorers with 2 points (both goals) and although it is early in the season, he will definitely feel like he has everything to prove to his new teammates and his former city.

    On the other side, the Canadiens have just as much to prove. Michael Cammalleri is still goalless (though he does have 4 points) to open the season and will want to find his scoring touch soon in order to satisfy the Montreal fans.  Maxime Lapierre has been dead silent to open the season and will be hoping to rebound. Thomas Plekanec has had a fantastic start with 6 points in 6 games, and will look to continue to find chemistry with Andrei Kostitsyn and Max Pacioretti. Most of all the Montreal defense will want to show that they can give the Canadiens the chance to win by cutting down on turnovers and scoring chances.

    Carey will start again tonight. It seems he will be the go to guy until he slips up.

    Go Habs Go!!!

  1. #1 PACTUM SERVA says:
    October 17, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    I hope the habs win but i would like to see kovalev hit the score sheet a couple of times. 6-4 Habs

  2. Well Matt’s it seems to me that we need to take a long look at the game action of the first period and see where we went wrong especially on the power play. That 5-3 was just too predictable and Ottawa just jamed the front of the net and block 90% of the shots. Our players have to be less predictable and especially on a 5-3 get to the open ice at the corners of the net something like Alfredson did . Price never had a chance on his goal because the pass was hard and it was one timed into the net before Price could get all the way over to cover the open side. To me we lost his game in the first period when we played so well but I cannot think of one quality shot that we had on goal the whole period including the 5-3 PP.

  3. I have never been a Kovelev fan, and never will be, he is such a great player that only plays 60 games a year. He is a typical Russian player with great talent but lacks the heart to give his team 100% all the time. He will probably have a good year this year because it is his first with the team, next year if he is true to form will be another story.

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