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Game 70: Habs/Sabres

  • What do you write about another meaningless game that the Habs play against another non-playoff team?

    Alright, maybe thats not fair to the Sabres who have gone 7-2-1 in their last 10 games in order to climb to within 4 points for the final playoff spot in the East. Still, 4 points won’t be easy to make up with only 13 games remaining on their schedule, and although Washington had been in a slight free-fall of late, they themselves have peeled off a 3 game winning streak to fight off the teams behind them in the standings. Still, Buffalo has every reason in the world to come out firing tonight – with a last place opponent and the back-up goaltender in net.

    Montreal meanwhile is still sitting in 3rd last overall. With 64 points the Canadiens are two points back of the New York Islanders thanks to their last overtime victory. The Habs stand 5 points up on Edmonton (who hold one game in hand) for 2nd last overall. I’m not sure the Oilers can catch the Canadiens as they’ve been sorta terrible though they did claim an OT win in their last game.

    While you wait for the game – read the Backhand Shelf analysis of an idea floating around the league – Hybrid Icing.

  1. #1 Senet1 says:
    March 12, 2012 at 10:07 pm

    Well I would like to see us at least keep that #3 pick position although we could fall to #5 and still get a great pick. I am not sure if other than the top 2 picks that the rest can play in the NHL next year, Which is ok but we need to have a goal scorer inserted into the lineup next year to have a better second line. Of course it all depends if we draft a winger or a centre, if we draft a centre then Plekanec could be expendible. It is hard to not have Desharnais not centre the PAC/Cole wingers. He is so much more effective than Plekanec on that line. He also scored the tieing goal through hard work and net presence. You have to give the guy credit for his abilities to fight off larger defenceman and get in position as well as get the puck in the corner. If Plek and Gio were traded next year then there is 10M gone, then add Gomez to that mix and all of a sudden we have 17M available to improve this team. Wow!!!!!

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