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Game 74: Habs/Sabres

  • Last night was good for the idle Canadiens – as long as like me your cheering for the teams around them in the standings to win, while the Habs work hard and get unlucky with regards to collecting points.

    Most importantly the NY Islanders beat the Leafs bringing their point total to 71 points after 73 games. Your Habs sit just behind them with 69 points over the same amount of games played.

    The Oilers also won last night, bringing their total to 66 points after 73 games. So Lets go Isles and Oilers over the home stretch.

    Buffalo enters tonight’s game just 2 points back of Washington for 8th spot in the East – so there should be ample motivation to win tonight.

    This is the time of year when scoreboard watchers get ancie!!

    Go Sabres Go!!!

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