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Game 75: Sabres/Habs

  • Can the Habs string together 3 wins in a row?

    The Sabres will be hungry as ever tonight. Anything less than 2 points for them will pretty much be the end of their slim playoff chances.

    The Habs can move up into 7th with the Rangers and still hold a game in hand.

  1. #1 Donnie says:
    March 29, 2009 at 10:01 am

    Seems the worse thing we can do is get a lead…esp. a 1 goal lead. We played some of the best hockey we played in months in the 1st and 2nd, and then changed our game around and tried this defensive cr*p again?
    Gainey watched from the pressbox as Carbonneau’s style of trying to defend a 1 goal lead for an entire period failed over and over again….but yet, learned no lesson from this and now, tried it again?
    We don’t play this way, our guys are not good at it, nor do I think they like playing it…and it shows. One more solid period of great hockey would have solidified the 2 points and basically bounced Buff from the race. That was a huge points we let slip away last night, and was something that was totally avoidable…this is a prime example of what has been frustrating fans this entire season.
    Let our guys play their game…lets get up by 3 goals before trying this style. We went from hard forechecking and crashing in the first 2 periods, to sitting back again. This is also a double edged sword…cuz not only do we concede the tying goal almost always, but this sit-back style of hockey caused bad habits to carry over to OT. This is a style where we don’t skate, then our guys get lazier, and when we need offense again in OT, it’s not there…even the shoot-out looked lazy on our behalf.
    These desicions have been the bane of our exsistence this whole season, losing precious points at this point of the season becuase of failed to abandon a style that DOES NOT WORK is the same thing as cutting our own throats.
    We can still make the playoffs, those 2 periods were fantastic….but coaches….let our guys play 3 periods from here on out…the rest should take care of itself. A very needless loss of points again last night…can’t help but get upset at the total stubborness of this teams decision-makers.

  2. #2 Joseph says:
    March 29, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    Yep. And I’ve always loathed that style of play – get a slim lead and sit back on it. And you know that it’s coming every time the Habs do go up by one either late in the second or in the third. When they got the 3-2 lead last night, I began to futilely plead with them to keep pressing the attack and get at least another goal. I knew what was coming in the third, as we all did, as it has become all too predictable a pattern with this team.

    A critical point lost indeed. And because of it, I am not so optimistic about the near future. Montreal has the Blackhawks, Islanders (spoilers), Maple Leafs, (big time spoilers), Senators (always dangerous as of late), Rangers, Bruins and Penguins to contend with in their 7 remaining games, only two of which they’ll face at the Bell Centre. Meanwhile, Florida, who can now smell 8th place as if it were cooking in their kitchen, has the Senators, Thrashers, Penguins, Flyers, Thrashers and Capitals to face in their remaining 6 games, 4 of which they will play at home.

    We’ve still got a game at hand, sure, but with Florida now sitting only one point behind us, we can ill afford a single let down or we’ll be outside looking in.

  3. #3 emadraouf says:
    March 29, 2009 at 7:28 pm

    Well they cam close, let’s hope they have better luck on Tuesday against Chicago. Go habs Go

  4. #4 Mats Naslund says:
    March 30, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    Getting a solid effort from the second line will go a long way to making this team stronger. Plekanec has now fallen back into a scoring funk. Andrei’s troubles began long ago. Now that Sergei has returned, the line is precarious at best. The potential is there. If the guys can figure it out, we will be in a good position. The top line is already very dangerous. Being able to sustain that kind of pressure with the 2nd unit would make our attack formidable and would ease some of the pressure defensively. The 3rd and 4th lines are already doing their jobs, and even Carey seems to be back (somewhat). Plex, and the Kostitsyns may be the key to a successful end to this regular season. Montreal has been bad on the road this year. If they have any hope of hanging on and then performing in the post-season, they will need to be much better.

  5. #5 Senet1 says:
    March 30, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    I am not entirely sure if is the coach, it almost seems like the players fall into this shell themselves and as you say they are not very good at it. Gainey felt that the team played nervous in the third. Anyway it sure is frustrating.

  6. #6 Mats Naslund says:
    March 31, 2009 at 11:44 am

    Habs are 7 games from the playoffs and should probably look at the 7 game stretch as a playoff stretch in itself. The goal should absolutely be to go at least 4-3 over that stretch, not only to ensure a playoff birth, but to have confidence heading into the second round with a difficult and motivated opponent.

    It was interesting this morning when I looked at the standings as I didn’t watch any games last night, I noticed that the ‘cream of the Eastern Conference’ those New Jersey Devils that everyone is fawning over are currently riding a 5 game losing streak. Anyone think they can’t be beat now? It just shows how easy it is even for the pundits to get caught up in emotional times like Brodeur’s record. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take Brodeur as my goalie in the post season over pretty well every other goalkeeper in the league, but the East is wide open. I’m still going to stand by my prediction of Pittsburgh in the East because no matter what their position, they are going to have a hungry Malkin, Crosby, Gonchar and Fleury. They made it to the finals last season, and I think this year they are peaking (consistently) at just the right time. If the playoffs started today they would face the Devils, which I think would be a crazy series.

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