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Gratuitous Blog Copy!

  • Its not because I’m being lazy – but I did want to bring to the attention of all of the people here that tickets for the season go on sale this Sunday at noon. So I’m copying info found at Habsinsideout (its like the “Sky Dome”.. you don’t just change what you call it because they do) and re-posting here.

    There will probably be a huge rush for tickets despite the threats of certain fans to abstain from attending NHL games this season. I can get with that. But still… if you want tix – make sure you have your ducks lined up at noon on Sunday.  Link to the Habs tickets site is here.

    Oh ya, and make sure you read Habsinsideout (ok Hockeyinsideout) on the regular because its the bomb – and now you won’t have to deal with fake game posts recounting highlights to games played on an Xbox.


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