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Habs / Bruins: Game 7

  • Nothing to say here…..

    Game 7 says it all.

  1. #1 Datara says:
    April 24, 2008 at 1:17 am

    Hey Senet, no problem, after I read it again I can see how it could have misunderstood, after all it’s so hard to find any negative comments about was supposed to have been (in most “expert” opinions)a non playoff team.

    Why can’t we all just take this for what it is, a rebuilding process that has gone very,very right with a very bright future to look forward to.

    cup no cup, I don’t care it has been a real pleasure to watch this team for me
    since I was only 8 years old.

    About that time my interest in hockey began, one year my dad thought it would be neat to take me to an NHL game. Most of my uncles etc. including my dad were Leafs fans, I didn’t really know the difference but just to be rebellious I picked the Flyers. I think it had to be 78 or so, dad takes me to Vancouver to see the Habs and Nucks, being a BC boy I should have been cheering for Van,but in the pre-game skate (we had awesome seats, rink level)Lafleur skates by and winks, coulda been at the hottie behind me , maybe something in his eye, who knows
    but at 8 years old he winked at ME. From that point on I was habs encyclopedia.
    I was an awkward loner as a youngster, it was just me and my beloved habs, of course at the peak of the dynasty.I grew out of my awkward loner stage, but the kid that Lafleur winked has always been in me, people ask me if I’m a hockey fan, I say no I’m a habs fan, there is no hockey if Montreal isn’t playing…

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