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Habs Explode

  • The Canadiens exploded for a six goal outburst and beat Boston easily 6-1 at home. Not often enough do the Habs score that many goals, the last time being Five goals against Philly all the way back in February of 2006.

    The Canadiens got solid goaltending from Cristobal Huet and goals from six different players in a well rounded group effort. Mikhail Grabovski scored his first career goal and Patrice Brisebois got his first since rejoining the Habs.

    Cristobal Huet was sharp as ever. He now boasts a 3-1 record with 1.96 GAA. Needless to say he still is the number one in Montreal and deserves to be. Especially sharp early when the game was still close and stopped the puck when he had to.

    Alex Kovalev. You can’t mention his name without someone saying how he is ‘the most talented’ , ‘the best puck handler’ and ‘the most naturally gifted’ player that ‘never plays to his potential’. Is this the year Kovalev finally does what he can and what is expected of him?

    Kovalev has 4 goals and 7 points in 8 games, putting him on pace for 41 goals and 72 points.

    The Habs are off until Friday night in Carolina. Followed up with a back to back game the next day in Pittsburgh. A situation where the Habs did not play well in last year.

  1. #1 MrBigTime says:
    October 23, 2007 at 11:56 am

    THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Happiest I’ve been watching the Habs go into a 3rd period in a long time… so close to the shut out, but lets not get greedy…

    Comments for Chevy4CH who posted about Huet:

    “16 chevy4CH
    Posted on October 10th, 2007 at 10:33 pm. About ‘Carey Price’s NHL Debut’.

    If Carbo plays Huet, and we lose because he allows bad goals, Carbo will really hear it from the faNS. pRICE SHOULD BE THE #1 goalie, and Halak should be the backup. They need to trade Huet. He’s awful! he will kill the habs chances this year! The price is right!”

    I hope you learned your lesson Chevy, and proves that you know nothing about Huet’s abilities.. We have the best goalie tandem in the NHL right now (especially for the low price we are paying for the 2 guys)…

    What a great game for the confidence and to completely stop the whining.. everyone produced, the only guy who needs to get going now is Ryder… come on you big Newf… I’m not losing faith in him yet though

    GO HABS GO!!!

  2. #2 Charles336 says:
    October 23, 2007 at 12:16 pm

    I didnt know so much about Hamrlik, like most of the hockey player in the West division, but he seems to complete an awesome defensive triumvirat with Komisarek and Markov. I think that we have the best defensive in the east at the moment. I know that he is not as sexy and electrifying as Souray, but his reliability in the defensive and in the neutral zone make us a difficult team to score against. We do not have an heavy duty defense, who is ineffective in the new NHL, but an intelligent defense. Markov and Hamrlik are (almost) always at the right place. See : Markov is on a cold straight and he is still our best D!!!

    That said we need to get ride of Brisebois and invite O’Byrne in the big club.

  3. Gotta admit everyone….they’re playing well. 9-3-3….good enough for 2nd overall in the conference and 3rd overall in the entire league so far. I know its only 15 games in, and that its somewhat of the same start they had last year..(we all know what happened then)…I am elated and optimistic over this great start again, but I am not gonna blindly believe that this is gonna keep up for most of the year until it happens. The only problem I can see very visible on the team right now is, the #1 line should be changed. They are not doing what a #1 line should be doing, which is getting points and scoring goals. If they were playing to their potential, we’d be unstoppable because every other segment of the game is clicking so great right now. I think Kovalev’s line should be givn the opportunity that they have gone out and earned. They’re doing it, they should be given the #1 line slot. Koivu’s a great guy, I like him alot, I think he’s a great captain, and a great leader, but once again he goes too many games in a row being a completely invisible, non-factor on the ice. Ryder-what can I say. I don’t know whats happened here, but this is not the same guy from the last 2 seasons. Finding that little hole in the slot, getting into it, and burying the puck when he gets it. I really don’t know if this is a semi-slump, or if he’s all out of tricks…I’m hoping its the first one, but we’ll wait and see. Higgins is playing the best…hard, gritty, great stick handler..but for the amount of excellent scoring opportunities he’s gotton so far, he should be scoring more goals. But I like all 3 guys, they’re all class acts…it’s just its not working Guy. Weather you gotta split them up or give Kovy’s line a chance…somethings gotta be done. We got the m akings of a team this year who “could”, not only make the playoffs, but attain home-ice, and also have a good run past the first round. This #1 line has gotta be more consistent and more of a threat game-in game-out for this to happen though. Keep it rolling’re making your fans proud believers again. GO HABS GO !!!

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