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Habs fall short in home opener

  • The Canadiens made a game of it but could not find a way to win in their third shootout in four games.

    The Habs battled back after trailing 2-1 for nearly 40 minutes before Sergei Samsonov scored his first as a Canadien with a highlight reel goal. Samsonov can breathe a little easier after contributing and getting the Canadiens that single point.

    The Canadiens controlled much of the game including most of the third period but could not score. The Senators still did not look very strong especially with the man advantage and got their scoring from the unlikely sources of Denis Hamel and Chris Kelly.

    The Habs shooters simply did not convert in the shootout and Ottawa’s did.

    How about Alfredsson, Spezza and Heatley all sitting for the shoot out? That’s over $13 million dollars riding pine in the most crucial part of the game. Credit to Bryan Murray for his selections that won the game while still sending a message to his top line.

    Mike Komisarek played maybe the best game of his career. He is skating with confidence and is involved each time he’s on the ice. He said he wanted to be a ‘force’ this season and he is showing it on the ice.

    Aaron Downey and Chris Neil: Fight of the season. It felt like they were dancing for at least 2 or 3 minutes with several wild an completely off target, but totally entertaining punches at the end.

    Did anyone else notice how ticked off Mark Streit looked when he was announced in the introductions? After having arguably the best camp of any defenseman he was tossed aside again with the arrival of Janne Niinimaa just days before the season started.

    Streit could very well be in the lineup on Tuesday as the Canadiens lost Craig Rivet and Mathieu Dandenault near the end of the game. Their status is unknown but the way Dandenault limped off appeared like it could be serious.

    The Habs have still yet to be held pointless and have competed in every game. Up next a rare visit from the Flames on Tuesday.

  1. I was at the game..And I thought the exact same thing when they intro’d Streit HE DID NOT LOOK HAPPY!!!Anyway to the Girl with the huge beautiful cans who was sitting directly in front of me,Thanks for the between period entertainment I hope those are your season tickets! ~GO HABS GO!

  2. Jay, where were you sitting I could use a little between period entertainment.

  3. 402 D center ice last last last row ,concrete wall directly behind me..but believe it or not I get those seats very often and there awesome , not only can you see the whole game but you can stand the entire time without disturbing anyone if you want..Plus it’s easy to hide a mickey of JD to have with your coke!

  4. Lol Jay I’ve got the same kind of seats but in 418, and I gotta 100% agree about having the last row….fans are better in the cheap seats anyways

  5. #5 kazmojo says:
    October 15, 2006 at 12:37 pm

    I haven’t seen every game in it’s entirety this season, but the Habs look much different than last season, some for the better and some not so much.

    The good:
    – Koivu’s line picked up where it left off last season, Higgins especially.
    – Bonk and Johnson are a formidable penalty-killing pair.
    – The defense has been solid, despite the fears of some. Even Niinimaa has had some good games, although I agree that Streit has earned his chance.
    – Aebischer and Huet are a great tandem, and give the Habs lots of options.

    The not-so-good:
    – Plekanec’s line still hasn’t clicked; Samsonov’s goal last night was almost all his own doing.
    – Huet doesn’t look so good on the shootout (6 shots, 2 saves). Last night he failed to get his paddle down to cover the five hole twice; just bad form. The other shot he managed to stop, but it looked plenty awkward.
    – Is Guy turning the Habs into a defense-first club? One example: in Philly, Bonk picked off several passes in the offensive zone, but instead of driving to the net, he would dump it deep. Defense wins championships, but that’s a little ridiculous.

  6. #6 Gumper says:
    October 15, 2006 at 3:55 pm

    Good, Bad and the Ugly

    Higgins, Kovalev and Souray

    That about sums up last night. Souray was (almost) a total liability. And with possibly losing deux defencemen,… well, we maybe ‘fooked byes’.

  7. #7 Oct.21 - - - The Return Of Theo says:
    October 15, 2006 at 5:39 pm

    Souray played really bad last night.On Kelly’s goal, Souray was asleep. I think Huet was slow getting up on his feet. Huet better take form and he better do it quickly. Look what happened with Theodore… he slowly started playing badly and then he became the worst in the league. If Huet doesn’t step up, the fans are gonna boo him right out of the Bell Centre.

  8. #8 Oct.21 - - - The Return Of Theo says:
    October 15, 2006 at 5:40 pm

    and Higgins played really well.

  9. SOuray was a little slow on the Kelly goal, however who was RIvet covering. SO often do I see Rivet standing in IFO the net with his stick cemented on the ground staring at our goalie. MAybe he is attracted to Huet or something but talk about useless. Anyways not to blame one or the other but Souray and Rivet need to be broken up. Play Souray with Streit next game. Markov and Komi are becoming our best tandem which youcould not say last year.

  10. #10 snake says:
    October 15, 2006 at 6:11 pm

    Hey jay;

    The Jd is a great idea however I would not be able to do that when the leafs are in town. It wouldnt take long for me to start swinging.

  11. The JD isin’t a good idea it’s a GREAT idea. Jesus the Lrg Diet Coke was $4.00 anyway and besides if I was Rich i’d be drinking JD in a Loge! howerev in retrospect perhaps not with a few thousand Leaf’s fans with’n striking distance!LOL!
    OBSERVATION: Guy better do something very soon about the 4th line.It has been my observation so far that EVERY time the 4th line comes out the Other team starts to get the momentum going their way! THIS IS SUCH A BAD SIGN!! You can not win hockey games if your always giving the other team a chance to gain momentum! Not only do your top lines get discouraged, but they end up burning out much faster from constantly playing catch-up!I’d like to see guy move johnson up to the second line.Not that the fourth line issues would be taken care of but I think that we might start seeing some magic happen on the 2nd and 3rd lines! because line #2 right now is DEAD!

  12. jay, i was there too (331 DD) but I didn’t get a view as nice as your apparently (some loud fat kid). But the view from up top is great…you see the entire ice all the time (doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like front row seats some time).
    Ya, Streit looked pissed but putting on a pouting face in fornt of 21,273 fans is just immature.
    Carbo on the other hand looked like he was on the verge of tears, very emotional night for him with such a great ovation.
    On another note, people have got to stop chanting ‘Guy, Guy, Guy’ evertime he gets the puck. He probably does enjoy it a bit I’m sure its gotta be distracting for him. If he makes a nice play then go for it but when all he did was receive a pass then save your vocal choards for a worthy moment.
    FInal note, adda boy Samsonov! Keep it up!

  13. Who would go down to the 3rd line? Can Johnson play center?

  14. #14 Blitzen says:
    October 16, 2006 at 5:46 am

    On the comment on the 4th line sucking hard, I think Latendresse needs to get a clue quickly. He looks like a deer in headlights out there; and he looks SLOW. I wish he would score to take pressure off of himself.

  15. Johnson can play center!

  16. The fourth line definitely needs to be fixed. The players on it are -9 in four games. Begin was one of the best +/- players last year and currently, he is the worst. Babysitting Latendresse has affected Begin’s play. Carbonneau needs to get Latendresse off the fourth line by whatever means possible (ie. benching him or promoting him to the third line), and put the combination of Murrau-Begin-Downey (a combination that had chemistry last year) back out there for the game against Calgary.

  17. #17 joshtm says:
    October 16, 2006 at 12:57 pm

    I like the new look habs although they are still being pushed around, look at the way Ottawa was able to check them throughout most of the game. No wonder Downey gave some good ones though…

    Definitely Montreal needs a real enforcer, a real big goon.

    Skating faster than the other team is one thing, but hey not even shooting the puck at the net, or going after the rebounds, what is Montreal trying to prove? Puck superiority only?

    The other sad part in all of this is someone has to sit Carbo down and explain, hey Guy, you got some snipers use them on the overtime shootout…what gives? Not to crap on Koivu, but hey when you have Samsonov, Plekanec, heck even Souray…..

    And hey bench Huet until he smartens up, those goals were minor league shots which any pro should have stopped…honestly….keep Abby in the net while he’s hot….these early points help to get the foot into the door at the end of the season…

  18. #18 snake says:
    October 16, 2006 at 1:15 pm

    Ratings through 4 games

    Higgins/koivu A
    Markov c
    Johnson B+
    Souray C –
    Rivet D

  19. Once again, you should not be surprised by the play of Kom or Higgins.
    check out this website for a video of some of their off-season prep..
    Impressive, very impressive..

  20. #20 Lee (F) says:
    October 17, 2006 at 4:54 am

    I left Canada for the States 11 years ago and really envy you guys that you can actually watch the Habs in the Bell Centre. Hockey is not a big sport here so the sense of community is not the same as there.

    I hope this will be thir 25th Stanley Cup. GO HABS GO!

  21. HUET has been weak ever since training camp opened. ABI should be our guy. HUET was good last season but this shouldn’t keep him off the hook.
    As far as MARKOV goes. The guy breathes talent. Yes he hasn’t been playing his best hockey but it’s a matter of time. You see moments of brilliance from him EVERY game. Killer passes ON THE STICK of the receiver. MARKOV and KOMI are our best duo of d.

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