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Habs / Flyers: Game 3

  • Is game 3 the game the Canadiens finally show up?

    The game where Carey Price returns to form?

    Where the Habs perhaps not fall behind 2-0 on weak goals for the third time?

    Will there be fallout from the ‘taunting’, ‘sucker punch’ and John Stevens perpetual whining?

    The Canadiens will be trailing in a series for the first time if they don’t come up with a road win tonight.

    All the ingredients for this series to finally heat up are there.

  1. #1 FLYERS > habs says:
    April 29, 2008 at 12:12 am

    I’ll be glad when your team is shutup in game 5 when the flyers win it. The NHL wants you to win and so you get the calls, but you couldn’t quite pull this win off even with the refs help. Such a shame. And your saying that Philly Fans aren’t loyal and energetic. We were voted most intimidating fans in hockey, and as far as loyal goes, i watched every game last year despite how poorly my team played. This is the Flyers time to shine, and you’ll just be another one of our defeated opponents in our path to the cup. Btw, your hotshot goalie isn’t playing so great in this series, probobly shouldn’t have traded huet, at least he put up a fight before we beat him.

  2. #2 habsfansrsoft says:
    April 29, 2008 at 12:24 am

    Post 97 The tripping penalty on richards at the end of game one. Watch the replay n tell me where the trip was. I can c y the ref would call it a penalty because it looked like he stuk his leg out, but he didnt, n in a round two playoff game w/ 1 min left u can’t blow a call like that. The High stick for the second goal in game one, how can someone hit the puck with there stick below the crossbar, continue to move his stick in a downward motion, n the stick ends up on top of the crossbar. Impossible, that was a gift from your friends in toronto who obviously knew you would need every call to even b in a series wit the broad street bullies. N crosby flops like a little girl too get every call, which is bs as well. I didn’t c the series between Boston so i can’t comment, but if they were saying it, and where sayin it, maybe it has some truth. Right now it looks like somone in the higher up’s of the NHL want the Canadiens to win, too bad for you guys the players don’t want to go and take all the gifts the NHL has given them.

  3. #3 future habs fan says:
    April 29, 2008 at 12:39 am

    so again how many cups have the flyers won in 41 years?? looks like the same record as thew laffs. Make that 42 years without a cup in Philly.

  4. #4 habsfansrsoft says:
    April 29, 2008 at 1:02 am

    How many times have u gotten laid in the last 42 years? Doesn’t matter if your not gettin laid tonight or for the next 42 years. N the flyers looking like there gettin laid for the next couple years w/ staley cups, cuz this team is young and good, they remind me of Detroit in the 90’s. So much talent n still so young.

  5. #5 duckdoc says:
    April 29, 2008 at 1:02 am

    Philly Fans,
    I am not pandering to you nor being a phony goody goody sport, but your team has played well and it’s obvious that they’re executing. Your plan is simple but ideally suited to the type of players you got, big and aggressive.
    The guy with the puck hesitates before shooting, waiting for a teammamte to either skate right at our goalie or skate across at a diagonal across his field of vision. From the scores, it’s obvious this tactic has worked.
    On the other hand, this tactic does not keep the Habs from scoring; your goalie does. The guy has been so hot (forget about the LUCk part, fellow CH fans), that I propose we refer to him as LORD BIRON. It’s the least he deserves, until he starts blinking from all the Red Lights that’ll go off behind him on Wednesday.

  6. #6 future habs fan says:
    April 29, 2008 at 1:05 am

    I heard Knuble is playing on Wednesday. Anyone know for sure. I also heard Carbo is going back to Price. Oh god I hope not, otherwise we’re going to have the same result. Halak is a very good and capable goalie. why wouldn’t Carbo play him? It’s not fair to Halak. He’s earned a start! If he plays, we win for sure.

  7. Flyers a future? Who’s their top prospect? Downie? wow ok. mtl:price best goalie in the future,Chipchura,kostitsyns,alot more. Philly:NOTHING!!!Oh well I’ve had enough of this talk because It’s really stupid with all these Philly fans here. 2-1 and they thinkn they won the cup. Listen guys eventually philly wont have luck and then they’ll go 4-0 against Pittsburgh, HAVE FUN!

  8. #9 Tony from NB says:
    April 29, 2008 at 6:54 am

    Leave the kid (Price)be…reality check here:

    1. He’s 20yrs old!!…success has been easy for him to date. This experience will bring many dividends over the next few years.
    2. You need to play him the rest of the way. His confidence will be destroyed….win or lose, the Price is Right now!
    3. Don’t blame the kid, blame the GM (who should know better)….I said this on a previous blog. No way Huet get’s traded for a bag of pucks (5throunder). Gainey said the move was a “risk/reward” situation. If winning the 1st round against an inferior opponent is the “reward”, then Gainey accomplished his goal. But let me ask you, won’t Huet be a real nice calming effect right about now? …and there’s no risk in that Bob.

    4. You know, as a B’s fan, watching Thomas flop around makes my hair turn even grayer. But, his team supports him, the fans love the guy….Habs fan’s, “don’t kill your young”, Price is the real deal, a once in 20 year phenom, who is only 20!!!!….and don’t blame Carbo for the goalie…blame him for playing Breezer.

    Just a quick note on another winner blog:

    96 habsfansrsoft
    Posted on April 28th, 2008 at 11:26 pm. About ‘Habs / Flyers: Game 3’.

    “Hookers, arn’t they legal in scummy Montreal. N thugs, thats how we play hockey in the states. I know in Canada hockey players r scared to get hit…”

    1. I spent my university years in Montreal, and trust me, Hookers are illegal…why? Cuz they don’t need them up there, a vast majority of the women are extremely HOT!….in fact, I married one.
    2. “Canadian hockey players are scared to get hit”….dumbest thing I have ever heard from a hockey fan… many stats for me to point out, but….

    A) 14 Canadian born players on the Flyers… (did I shut you up yet!!!)
    B) Broad Street BullShits of the 70’s(some say, the
    toughest team ever) consisted of almost all Canadians….including Bob Clarke and Dave (The-Bird-Kicked-My-Ass) Schultz.
    C) 7 out 10 PIM Leaders came from Canada this season.

    Oh…another real winner of a blog:
    104 habsfansrsoft
    Posted on April 29th, 2008 at 1:02 am. About ‘Habs / Flyers: Game 3’

    “(the Flyers)they remind me of Detroit in the 90’s. So much talent n still so young.”

    After 1 playoff win (going 7 games, in OT) and up 2-1 in the second round…yet again, you have no clue about hockey history…..THE ONLY SIMILARITY BETWEEN STANLEY CUP WINGS OF THE 90’S and your 07-08 edition of the Flyers is that they happen to be based in the same country.

    …habsfansrsoft, you’ve been drinking that “orange&black cool-aid”…haven’t you?

    Tony from NB (wondering what the f_ _ _ was up with that horrible duet you call a National Anthem in Philly last night????)

  9. #10 DieHard Habs Fan says:
    April 29, 2008 at 7:46 am

    Flyer fans, why so cocky?

    Biron is very good, I have to give credit where it is due.

    Your Flyer team is very, very lucky so far. You have to call a spade a spade. Montreal had hit at least 3 goal posts every game so far and with all of Montreal missed open nets your Flyers would have been blown out of the water every game and Biron would have look like Swiss Cheese.

    But that is the way it goes. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.

    Price is a very good young goalie. 90% of the goals scored on him in this series has been the result of his own D-Men screening him. The first two last night he was screened.

    I have said since last year Carbonneu was not a good coach and he is not a good coach now. He got lucky in the reg. season. Former Montreal players do not make good coaches……….

    Deep down in my heart, Philly will win this series. They will not stand a chance against Pitts. No eastern team will stand a chance against Pitts…

  10. #11 Christopher says:
    April 29, 2008 at 7:53 am

    So many disgusting thoughts about last nights game…..

    And no, not negative about our boys…not even for price, who yes prob would like to have 2 of the three goals back he let in, but to those abismal disgusting sorry excuse for a team…THE FLYERS!

    Wow what can you say…we again hit three goal posts before the Flyers put the first goal in on an odd man rush. Seriosuly, we were all over them again…2 man advantage and could not put the puck past the luck Biron….where the hell has this guy come from all of a sudden?

    The third period is what relaly kills me about this Flyers team. Hatcher head-doozles Boullion head first into the boards when they are already up 3-0! Wow, if this guy is not suspended you know for sure who the league wants in the conference finals. (We already know how one sided the reff’ng is in the Rangers/Pens series)

    Tehn Umberger goes down like a baby kicking and screaming, even limping off the ice to the dressing room! But wait, whats this….he is back playing skating on the next shift not missing a beat! What kind of antics are those! And the media does not even talk about it! Hatcher, Umberger and Downie…wow with idiots like those in your line-up how can you get any respect as a team? And the American fans chanting “ASS-HOLE” TO THE REFS
    ! wOW….typical Americans going for the sucker punch kill….just sad.

    We out shot those bastards 34-14! Unbelievable! If we dont come out flying and stick it to them bad in the next game, i will suit up myself and take it to those Flyer asses!

  11. #12 RAY SAM says:
    April 29, 2008 at 8:13 am

    no stanley cup for canadian teams only american teams flyers in 5 .ha ha ha ha

  12. #13 RAY SAM says:
    April 29, 2008 at 8:38 am

    habs are losers

  13. #14 Christopher says:
    April 29, 2008 at 8:58 am




  14. #15 DieHard Habs Fan says:
    April 29, 2008 at 9:15 am


    American teams may win more cups in the new NHL yes, because they out number Canadian teams 5 to 1.


    All American teams are lead by CANADIAN players. Don’t forget that brother!!!!!

  15. #16 Christopher says:
    April 29, 2008 at 10:38 am

    You said it “Die Hard Habs Fan” !

    So i guess Michael Ryder is no longer a Hab?

  16. #17 habs4life says:
    April 29, 2008 at 10:55 am

    Ryder’s stats:

    2002-2003 Hamilton 69 34
    2003-2004 Canadiens 81 25
    2004-2005 Sweden-2 42 34
    2005-2006 Canadiens 81 30
    2006-2007 Canadiens 82 30
    2007-2008 Canadiens 70 14

  17. #18 Montrealer in Exile says:
    April 29, 2008 at 11:02 am

    Well folks, I was at last night’s game, right in the middle of the action, and everything they say about those dreaded Flyers fans is true.

    Loud? Check. Passionate? Check. Loyal? Check.

    Obnoxious, ignorant and classless? Check, check, check.

    I’ve been to a LOT of games. I’ve been to a LOT of arenas. Never seen anything like this. Philly fans take some sort of perverted pride in being the behavioural equivalent of an emotionally scarred circus monkey in a zoo, throwing poo at the visitors …

    Don’t get me wrong–I can take the rivalry, and I’ve been the lone supporter of the visiting team many times, in much more hostile situations (try being an Irish fan in Ann Arbor on a fall Saturday). But the difference is that all other situations I witnessed, at the end of the game, the belligerent idiots were in the minority. At the Wachovia Center, everyone from 60-year old grey-haired moms to 6-year old kids reverts back to this pack mentality, lowest-common denominator feral state where, I swear to god, if they could actually throw feces, they would.

    It reminded me of that scene in “2001: A Space Odyssey”, where the lead monkey figures out how to use the bone to smash other monkeys’ skulls, and goes on to scare away the other monkey pack by jumping up and down, wielding the bone, baring its teeth and braying loudly. That was the typical Flyers fan after the game. The only metaphor is the bone–the rest was literally on display.

    Habs in 7.

  18. #19 habs4life says:
    April 29, 2008 at 11:06 am

    Wish Ryder to be on Habs roster, but the reality is that there is almost no place for Ryder from Carbonneau, right now and next season.

    Leaving is a good choice for Ryder. Think about Samsonov. He is now one of key players in Canes.

  19. How are all my little Habs fans this morning?…reading all your comments don’t surprise me, just the same ol Hab fan…bashing all the other teams and putting the Habs on a pedestal went the Habs are winning…and bad mouthing them when they are loosing…don’t break anything jumping off the bandwagon. I’ll repeat what I said yesterday, the Flyers are just an average team, nothing great, and the Habs CANNOT play at there level, reality is Montreal is not a playoff team…they don’t have the skill set(7 game series with Boston?…thats an insult). So I still stick to my predition yesterday…”the series will end for the habs in game 5 in Montreal”…Flyers are still all over the Habs even with the refs on your team!!!…GO CHOKE ON IT ALL YOU HAB FANS!!!!!

  20. #21 DieHard Habs Fan says:
    April 29, 2008 at 11:19 am

    Considering the number of scoring chances the Canadiens wasted in their 4-2 loss to the Flyers in Game 2, Carbonneau was asked why he wouldn’t dress a finisher like Ryder.

    “Michael has had some highs and lows since the start of the year,” Carbonneau said. “I think we expected more from him this season. The way Guillaume played earlier in the playoffs, I felt he deserved to play.”

    Carbonneu is an idiot. What a way to treat a 4 year proven goal scorer.

    Kovy sucked last year and did not miss many shifts I can tell you that.

    Ryder is getting the shaft, the shitty end of the stick

    Gainey wanted Ryder to keep his Plus/Minus down. Well Gainey got his wish, Ryder’s Minus were way down and so was his goals.

    I hope that Ryder goes to Boston and scores 20 goals on Montreal and takes the shitty end of that stick and sticks it straight up Carbonneau’s Candy Ass!

    a lot of players who left montreal or has been run out of Momtreal has went on to be very good players. Price needs to leave as soon as his contract is up. This team and city will ruin him.

    Damn Carbo to Hell.

  21. #22 DieHard Habs Fan says:
    April 29, 2008 at 11:33 am


    Who ever gets pass this round will surely choke on the Penguins.

    But like many teams in the NHL, Bruins, Flyers, Leafs etc. it is their Stanley Cup when they beat the Montreal Canadiens. Maybe your Cup will come in may rather than June? Oh Well.

    When the Habs win the Cup they win THE “Stanley Cup”…….

    Have a great day Jack.

    Hope to see you here on Wed. night for some more intelligent conversation.

  22. #23 portly says:
    April 29, 2008 at 11:54 am

    Joseph? You there? Could somebody check on Joseph…i’m a little concerned.

    I have to apologize for some of the more course comments made by my fellow fans, but you gotta understand, this is NOTHING compared to what we get daily down here in the City of Brotherly Love. Talk Radio (WIP-610am) is legion for bringing out the crazies and boy, are they out now. Problem is, and they would probably admit it if pressed, we know that we are FAR from out of the woods in this series right now. The Flyers HAD great confidence going into the 3rd period last night, which promptly disappeared under that incredible onslaught brought by the Habs in that third period.

    Question: the papers down here are reporting that Carbo’s comment that Timmonen “deserved” the sucker punch he took in Game 2 apparently fired up the hometown boys, not the least of whom would’ve been Hatcher, who nonetheless took a boneheaded penalty which unleashed and made possible the said 3rd period flurry. Did Carbo’s careless statement (and it’s predictable motivational effects) receive much ink in Montreal?

    Looking forward to Wednesday…

  23. DieHard,
    Don’t be fooled my little chickadee, Montreal is just a mear speed bump not a road block, so you thinking that all the other teams that beat Montreal Canadians view it as a great accomplishment…you are GREATLY MISTAKEN…but what ever soothes your wounds and pasifies you. Oh, refering to your comment…there is no such thing as an intelligent conversation with a Hab fan, they are all so narrow minded,ignorant,violent and rude.I went to Quebec 4 yers ago, but I don’t speek French, and I was treated like dirt by every local there…very bad experience being to Canada as a tourist for the first time. So boooing the American Anthem, and rioting comes to no surprise….no intelligence there!!

  24. #25 habs4life says:
    April 29, 2008 at 12:17 pm

    Whose leader was honored international txxxxxxrist?

    Who was on the first place of Eastern Conference? By mistakes?

    Quebec is a French speaking province in Canada. Only idiots don’t respect his fact. Who are the main source visiting Montreal and Quebec City? People from US. How come only you were treated like a xxxx???

    Who booed Canadian Anthem in Game 3???

    Rioting is not rare in the Western world, but looting is really rare. There was only one case in my memory in Hurricane Katrina…

  25. Jack,to blame another country because your an ASSHOLE,geezes man take some responsibility man and cracker jack stay on your own side of the line,that way there’s no chance of you spreading your mental constipation and what ever else you got to the GREAT WHITE NORTH. OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE ………………………………………….

  26. #27 FLYERS > habs says:
    April 29, 2008 at 12:20 pm

    This is to address post #107. I really don’t care if you want to trash talk to help ease the feeling of a loss, but at least speak the truth. We have so much young talent on the team, and you know that because they’ve scored on you. You say Steve Downie is our only player to look toward in the future(and Downie is a very good gritty player, just needs to work on his temper), but have you forgot about Mike Richards(75points, 28G and an All-Star), Jeff Carter(53points,29G), RJ Umberger(50Points), Joffrey Lupul (46Points, 20G in only 56games), Scottie Upshall(30points), Braydon Coburn(36points and +17 rating on the year, amazing up and coming offensive defenseman), Randy Jones(31points +8 rating on the season, another up and coming defenseman).

    Keep in mind that every player i listed has played 3 or fewer seasons and that they are all under the age of 25 and then try to tell me that the flyers have no future or young stars. We have the best offensive depth in the league with 7 20+ goal scorers thanks to a lot of these guys. How many 20+ goal scorers does Montreal have? 4. How many of them are young players? 2, and both of them are 25, 26. SO maybe know SOMETHING, anything really, before you start running your mouth about the Flyers not having a future. Actually just remind me of that comment in a few years when we are kicking the shit out of you every game thanks to these young players.

  27. #28 DieHard Habs Fan says:
    April 29, 2008 at 12:22 pm


    Don’t start a debate about Canada VS the USA with regards to intelligence because you will lose hands down.

    The Americans are ruining our game. Yes Jack Hockey is “Canada’s” game if you did not know.

    As I said before, American Teams are as only good as the CANADIANS that play for them!

    100% of American Adults “Are Not Smarter than an American 5th Grader” And you Americans want to talk about hockey????? Please……….

    Try sticking to something you Americans may know something about “WAR” or sticking your noses into other countries Afairs…..

  28. #29 Tony from NB says:
    April 29, 2008 at 12:42 pm

    118 DieHard Habs Fan

    I agree…as a b’s fan, when we finally won a series back in the late 80’s it was “like” the cup…ask any team that takes on the Yanks or the Cowboys…same thing….it’s beating that winning tradition.

    Jack, show some repect…we are both “guests” to this site. You and I both know that most of our own hockey team sites are full of “smack”.

    Tony (really tired of the juvenile bloggers of the world)

  29. #30 groundworking says:
    April 29, 2008 at 12:43 pm

    I wouldn’t get into bashing Americans here. They booed the Canadian anthem because Montreal booed the American anthem. Tit for tat. And I’d add here that there’s no city in North America other than in Montreal where I’ve ever heard a national anthem booed, so that’s definitely an embarrassment to the City.

    What our Philly friends fail to understand, though, (and thus their booing of the Canadian anthem), is that most Montreal Canadian fans don’t live in Montreal. It’s one of those teams with a fan-base that extends way beyond the border of the City. And second, 99% of the fans at the Habs game would never boo the American anthem. And I noticed last night two things in Philly. A) only about 1% booed, and b) about 10 times as many sang along.

    So don’t bash the United States. It’s a great country. When it comes to those ugly, sweaty, steak-eating, big-nosed Flyers fans, however, then all bets are off: these people are no better than those mouth-breathing Leaf Fans, or the dweebs up in Ottawa who named their hockey team after a bunch of politicians and who’s national anthem singer embarrasses the whole country by waving a cute hankie while he sings.

  30. #31 NShabfan says:
    April 29, 2008 at 12:45 pm

    Problem with the habs is underacheiving players in the lineup-Kovalev,if he was REALLY trying he d have 15 points in the playoffs instead of 9.Streit is s o afraid of the corners he can barely handle the puck anymore(nice goal in game 7 though).Markov looks like a complete idiot out there(try staying on his feet instead of diving all the time)and can barely handle the puck either.Plekanec is afraid of the contact too and isnt finishing or hed have 8 goals instead of 2.Brisebois is hopefully out of the lineup for good as he reverted back to his old self after asurprisingly strong first 5 playoff games.Nice to see Latendresse banging last night and jamming the net(maybe he wants to play after all).Koivu is working hard as usual-if he could finish we would have won last night.Higgins needs to start burying some more of his chances but he is working hard.I think Ryder deserves another start-bench that pussy streit hes not doing anything on the pp anyway.SK74 AND AK46 need to work a little harder-more diggging in the trnches-and be more consistent(good game bad game rotation doesnt cut it in playoffs).Hamrlik could play better after a great start to the playoffs-all the D has to stop backing in on the goalie(1st 2 goals last nite were a direct result of that).Begin, kostopolous,smolinski,lapierre keep up the good work!!Komisarek-C+ CAN BE BETTER and we need him to be.Bouillon -playing well.Gorges-love this kid-heart of a warrior,not afraid to take a hit to make the good play(unlike Markov,Streit,Brisebois,Plekanec,AK46,AK27 sometimes SK74)Gorges should put on 10 or 15 lbs this summer and get a little stronger and he would be a real force out there.Dandenault wa splaying ok but not producing any scoring chances-dont count him out yet though-playoff vets are valuable.Obyrne-solid but unspectacular-be ok as long as he keeps it simple.Price has looked awkward at times this series but I couldnt fault him for the goals last night(see above for 1st 2 and the 3rd was acomplete defensive breakdown in their own zone-Markov and Plekanec both on their knees,not sure why).Starting Halak may not be a bad choice for game 4 though-Price may need to recharge mentally.Bottom line -their best players need to be their best players,insert 27,79,14,46,44 here if they want to beat a hardworking though less talented(on paper) Philadelphia team.

  31. #32 Flyersfan says:
    April 29, 2008 at 12:46 pm

    Wow, did not know we were going to get political on this message board. Lets face it the next game is the biggest game of this series…. if the Flyers win I belive they will win the series, if the Habs win then momentum will return to Montreal and they will most likey have a great chance to close out the series in 7. The fact remains we should not boo each others anthems in our own house, we shoulkd not throw beer on each other players, we should not blame penalties or hitting the cross bar for why we win or lose. This is a great series I have the upmost respect for Montreal team and their fans…we need to stop bitching about each other and just have fun watching some great hockey between two teams with very different styles of play.

    Lets go Flyers!!!

  32. #33 NShabfan says:
    April 29, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    Flyersfan-good post-except the las tpart-“go flyers”

  33. #34 habs4life says:
    April 29, 2008 at 12:59 pm

    Wish all guest visitors were like Tony from NB.

    Guests are welcome here on competing Hockey, but never on topics other than Hockey. It’s insulting and wasting Habs Blog’s hosting bandwidth.

  34. #35 Jack says:
    April 29, 2008 at 1:17 pm

    These types of comments prove you guys have a brain the size of a pea.First of all I was told Canada is an English speaking country and French as a second language…isn’t Quebec part of Canada? or is it a separate country? Secondly, putting down USA is pretty ignorant! Canada depends on USA, we tighten our borders and Canada starts bitching that it will hurt their economy, Canada’s economy is directly affected by the USA’s economy because Canada can’t sustain an independant economy…USA sneezes and Canada gets the flu. Secondly, without the powerhouse of the USA (Your friendly neighbour) Canada would have been invaded and occupied by Russia during the ‘Cold War’… but instead Canada is standing fearless in this world hiding behind and holding on to USA’s pant leg. So don’t be talking all this “Proud to be Canadian” bullshit to me…your freedom is from the blood of our fathers. Finally a question for you guys, if USA is so bad(as you stated above), why is it that all you Canadians keep coming down here as tourists (mostly from Quebec)?…ironically here all Canadians are treated warmly with respect, that keeps them coming back,not like some places I know. One last comment for Habs4life, English is the universal language in the World, I’ve been to Europe(on the other side of the Globe) to countries like Germany, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain and never did I encounter difficulties getting by with English, then I go a bit north to my Neighbouring Country and you are looked at as if you have three eyeballs when you ask people there something in English! …so Diehard don’t talk about 5th Graders…you guys up there don’t know your mother language…THAT’S INGNORANCE!

  35. Let’s get back to Hockey…

    Oh ya, don’t any of you have jobs? :)

  36. #37 habsfansrsoft says:
    April 29, 2008 at 1:22 pm

    Post 109 Tony from NB A) 14 Canadian born players on the Flyers… (did I shut you up yet!!!)
    Hatcher (USA), Badest guy on the ice, Crosby ( Canada ) biggest pus i’ve seen, wouldn’ be half the player if the NHL didn’t protect him like an only daughter. I mean the your not allowed to hit the guy, yet he was hurt for three months, imagine if Hatcher got him in the corner, his career would be over.
    Post 107 Stuo
    As far as youth im talkin about the the goal scorers, u might have heard of them Umberger( scored every game this series, n he’s from the USA) Briere ( leading playoff point getter n the oldest guy im gonna name) Carter ( guys a stud, hopefully we can keep him in philly) Richards, Biron, Lupul ( OT goal game 7) want me to keep going, Gange ( lucky he aint in the lineup cuz it just wouldn’t be fair for the Canadiens) Thoreson ( kid don’t make a mistake) Harnell, Upshaw( scored again), Jones, Coburn ( two great young defensemen). You’re right about one thing we havn’t won nothing yet, but w/ a nucleus of young talent like i just named, anyone would be surprised if they don’t win a few cups in the upcoming years.

  37. #38 Montrealer in Exile says:
    April 29, 2008 at 1:25 pm


    Dude, I was at the game last night, and to say that “only about 1%” booed the Canadian national anthem is a risible undrestatement. You know this, I know this. Strictly-speaking, if you want to get into semantics, you’re actually right: it wasn’t actually booing. It was more like an endless stream of porrly-articulated profanities, brayed out loud uncontrollably, like the wailing of a soiled infant.

    But that couldn’t matter less. It wasn’t the booing that showed Philly fans’ true colors. It was the suggestions as to what any non-Flyers fan, non-Philadelphian, and indeed any non-American should do to their mother.

    The booing in Montreal is thinly-veiled anti-anglophony. Not very classy, to be sure, but essentially misguided adolescent behaviour. The booing in Philadelphia, however, comes from a deep well of self-hatred. It is distilled, blatant, and pathological xenophobia.

    Philly fans are the intellectual equivalents of abused lab monkeys on PCP.

  38. #39 FLYERS > habs says:
    April 29, 2008 at 1:30 pm

    Bottom line is that the Habs fans can talk all they want about whatever they want, but that doesn’t change the fact that the series is 2-1 (should be 3-0), about to be 3-1.

  39. #40 Jack says:
    April 29, 2008 at 1:55 pm

    136 Habs Blog

    My appologies…hockey only…

    and to your question, I do have a job,lucky for me my boss is also a Habs Basher… he’s a Flyers Forever Fan….

    …he said we only have to visit you guys up there one last time in game 5 before we send you off golfing to the Carolinas!!….FORE!!!!

  40. #41 habs4life says:
    April 29, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    Jack, I don’t want to pick up the debating points from your last post to respond.

    Let me put down some relaxing words here. I have personal experience (a period of time) living in Montreal knowing few French. The situation in Quebec Province is that except major cities like Montreal, Quebec city, many people even don’t speak any English. In Montreal, you think everybody speak English? Everybody speaks French? No, there are many people of English only or French only. But, most local Montreal people are bilingual, so when they realize you don’t speak French they will communicate with you in English. That’s the culture of Montreal. I can say in Montreal, 99.99% service people (to customers, like tourists) are bilingual. I don’t know your case. Maybe you visited a small town, or bumped to a person in Montreal (who could be also a tourist) of 100% in French.

    Even though I don’t speak French, I always love to go back and see the city even without Hockey. So, good luck, next time if you could have a chance to prove what I have said…

  41. NEXT GAME….Habs7 flyers 0,bank on it……………..

  42. #43 habsfansrsoft says:
    April 29, 2008 at 2:24 pm

    N for all the post about being lucky, n we hit three post. You wouldn’t even have the puck in our zone if it weren’t for all the Penatlies. N im not sayin they are all bs, but there are penalties just about every shift that dont get called. Check out the box score for last nights game. 10 min of penalty time in the first period! Ridiculous. Second period 2 penalty min hence the reason we scored 3 goals were finally at even strenght for more than half the period. N third period 7 more penalty minutes ( your 5 min major that gave u two goals). that totals 19 minutes of penalty time, almost a whole period. That is crazy, i mean come on, we may be rough, but 19 penalty min. R u serious. If Montreal was to beat us ok, it sux but ok. But to tryin hand them a series, i can’t stand it, just not fair. I guess the NHL is really pushing for this no contact canadien style hockey in the NHL, n the Flyers r the example.

  43. habsfanrsoft, ur right, but montreal has a better younger core. Briere is like 30 and he’s not young. It’s like having Koivu and kovalev on my list because they are only like 2 years older than briere. Montreal will win the cup next year and I’ve been saying that for 5 years that 2008-2009 was the habs 25th cup.Kostitsyns 90 pts each. a.Kostitsyn 90 s.kostitsyn 90 plekanec 88,Kovalev 82, Koivu 74,Higgins 72, Streit 68, Markov 66, Grabovski, 59 etc. next year montreal will have one of the greatest offensive teams in habs history, and still 12 mill left to spend now that ryder,huet, and smolinski gone this summer. So lets get Hossa, and Redden!!! But It’s nt over for this year, I hope montreal goes to church and gets some fucking luck.

  44. Guys, guess what. PRICE IS STARTING!!! Goodbye 08 dreams. and if price plays good, just forget about this comment, lol

  45. #46 NShabfan says:
    April 29, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    Post 143,habsfansrsoft-are you high?or just stupid?19 pim-of which 10 was the game misconduct part of the cheapshot hit to the back by Hatcher and 5,of course ,was the major that accompanies it.That means you only had 2 minors in the 3rd in reality.I havent seen any posts by Montreal fans whining(as you do )about the VERY dubious too many men on the ice penalty with 3.5 mins to go.Your 10 mins in the first-6 were on the same play-Downies slu-foot on Price-he got 4,Hatcher 2,Lapierre 2 and Komisarek 2-so you only had 1 extra on that play.The only “sensible “thing you allude to in this post is the officiating-it is terrible and inconsistent I will agree.You can thank Gary Buttman for that.

  46. #47 Joseph says:
    April 29, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    With all due respect to the more objective Flyers fans…

    Hockey analysts agreed after the first round that the Flyers were the weakest team remaining in the playoffs. Based upon the games I’ve watched in both the first and second round, I’d have to join in that agreement.

    I’ve watched the Habs more or less dominate the Flyers with regard to scoring chances over the past two games. I’ve watched the Habs sustain pressure in the offensive zone and take the play to the Flyers for longish periods of time. But I’ve also watched the Habs miss point blank chances and empty nets far more often than any hockey fan would care to. This is not to take credit away from Biron, who in my opinion, has singlehandedly won the past two games for the Flyers, but rather to shed some light on what has actually been the case in these games. If the Habs convert just one of those scoring chances in each of the last two games and this series is very likely 3-0 for the Habs.

    I would only add that Price has disappeared in this series as well. Take away one unfortunate goal per game, and again, this series is very likely 3-0 for the Habs.

    But that’s the way that the puck bounces, and that’s sports. And in watching these two teams play in this round, I would only ask which of them cares to go on and get destroyed by the Penguins? Because that’s precisely what’s going to happen to either team.

  47. #48 NShabfan says:
    April 29, 2008 at 3:30 pm

    Yup,I agree,neither team has much chance against Pittsburgh-provided they beat the Rangers.

  48. #49 Jack says:
    April 29, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    To 144

    Montreal needs more than just praying and luck…even God can’t help them.

    To 147

    The only reason Montreal had more scoring chances because they were on the power play for the whole of the 3rd period. They might have a chance at beating the Flyers if they get a Power Play for all 3 periods.

  49. #50 habsfansrsoft says:
    April 29, 2008 at 3:39 pm

    Ten min misconduct didn’t add that in my friend or penalty min would be 29. N slew foot, guess u didn’t get a chance to c that replay cuz he barely touched him w/ his stick, then got dominated by two canadiens(never dropped the gloves) who didnt get anymore than 2 min roughings. Then they throw hatcher in the box to make sure u still got a power play(didn’t c hatcher do anymore in that scuffle than any other canadien who didn’t get a penalty). U had 8 minutes of actual powerplay that period or 4 minutes w/ a 5 on 4, n another 2 minutes w/ a 5 on 3.

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