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Habs Hit the Road

  • The Habs start a 3 game road trip tonight which will see them meet Philly, Ottawa and Detroit.

    It’ll be crucial to get off to a good start with a decisive win against Philly, the worst team in the league. Because the game in Ottawa will be a challenging one and the Sens have climbed within 3 points of the Habs. Although the Habs have 2 games in hand.

    The Senators still haven’t played their best hockey and the larger the gap the Habs can make it the better.

    When is the last time the Habs finished above the Sens in the standings?

    The Ottawa game will be the first game of Hockey Day in Canada which will be broadcast coast to coast.

    Am I neglecting the Flyers? The Flyers DID beat the Canadiens once already this year.

    If the Habs lose to the Flyers again that would be quite embarrassing because if anyone has watched the Flyers a few times this year, you know that their record is deserved. They are awful. They have basically given up on the season.

    A couple consecutive wins will get the Habs back on track and then two great matchups against the Sens and Red Wings.

    The Habs and Wings meet rarely and it’s always a good metric to see how the Habs compete in Hockeytown.

    Sheldon Souray voted into the All-Star starting lineup. Congratulations to Sheldon who has certainly been a leader and a rock on the PP for the Habs.

    A career season, starting All-Star nomination, and an unrestricted free agent. If you’re a betting man the smart wager would be that these are Sheldon’s last games in the Tricolore.

    Souray could realistically pull in 5 million a season now. Maybe more. You know he’ll at least be shopping it, and other teams are willing. Can the Habs offer something like that? Would that not leave chicken bones and scraps for Markov, Rivet and company?

    And that’s assuming Souray still wants to be a Hab.

    Enjoy the rocket blast while you can.

  1. #1 smiler2729 says:
    January 13, 2007 at 7:05 pm

    Please excuse my turrible (sic) spelling, I’m wearing beer goggles eh. HAPPY FUCKING HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA DAY EH!

  2. #2 joshtm says:
    January 13, 2007 at 7:11 pm

    It sure doesn’t look like a 44 million dollar team. Did I say get rid of Koivu? I did not, if anything I have said trade anyone or everyone so we can take better advantage of Koivu, look at his performance at the Olympics.

    Gainey has flexibility, he chooses not to exercise it because he has some baggage that he carries from being a player.

    I am merely saying that given the flexibility Montreal had, Gainey has all but hamstrung the team into a team that realizes it doesn’t have to perform. There are no consequences if they don’t.

    The only other option Montreal and Gillette and their share holders have for their 200 million dollar investment in the Habs organization, is the shake the organization so it can produce, or choose to take a tax break. After all that was one of the key motivating factors for Gillette was the promise of tax breaks.

    What the share holders don’t realize is they have the ingredients now for a team that could move high into the playoffs now if they wanted. Get rid of the baggage, like you I agree Niinima is a big waste of money. Johnson’s shut em down play is only good if the rest of the team kicks in, unfortunately Montreal is a team. The defense is not providing any defense. The offense is having to make up for that and it taxes them to come in and clear the puck out. We pay Kovalev to shoot the puck, we pay Koivu to bring it in, all they have been doing, is grinding it out in the Habs zone cause Souray, Markov and Rivet are all but giving the puck away.

    It was sad to see Abby skating way out of his crease the last game, you could see he was clear upset with the lack of defense.

    Finally, we must stop Gainey from trading away the future as he is wanton to do, those moves you say were great, only look good on paper. Bonk’s contribution is only good if the team wins.

    The sad part in all of this is while he got rid of Zednik and Theo, he received broken goods in return. Most of the trades Gainey has made were for injured players who all but spend a good portion of the year off the ice. Where is the value in that?

  3. #3 Habs#1 says:
    January 13, 2007 at 7:11 pm

    Ball hockey dosen’t count? Damn. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to rely on my minor hockey days.

  4. I think every-one on this blog site that gave Joshtm a hard time, owes him an apology,looks like he’s bang on.

  5. #5 high 4 habs says:
    January 13, 2007 at 9:20 pm

    Just a few comments re the game. I read where the owner of the senators apologized to the owner of the habs, Mr. gillett, for an inappropriate skit on their jumbotron. It showed the mascot of the habs jumping off a ship. How disrespectful, immoral,insensitive, and just plain disgusting! why in their right minds would they ever depict such a horrific and denegrating act? They should fire the person responsible for such a heinous display.
    Now, about the game. For you bloggers who always say, “It’s just 1 loss”, true! But these comments are being said very often now. it’s getting redundent, and overplayed. the fact is, we have lost 6 of our last 9. that’s not a stat to be proud of. This was a true 4 point game, and the habs played like they didn’t give a damn! no heart, no effort, no energy, no sense of urgency. Yet the senators knew the importance of this game. they came out flying.
    The problem is, we have too many slackers, and players who only are interested in making a good salary, and could care less about winning. (mostly european), except Koivu. Isn’t it the job of the coaches to get them prepared for these games? then I guess the coaches aren’t doing their jobs, because there have been far too many lack lustre performances the past few weeks. Every year it’s the same. start strong the first half, and fade the 2nd half. I guess they feel they can rest on their laurels, while the rest of the eastern conference catches up, and passes them. So, again we must be satisfied with squeaking into the playoffs,and getting eliminated in the 1st round. Please someone explain how the devils get stronger in the 2nd half, every year, and we get weaker?Or, how Ottawa always remains better than us, with a GM who constantly makes moves to strengthen their team, while our GM stays pat, (ie lame duck GM),and NEVER does anything to help this team? If Gainey DOES NoTHING to improve this team, via callups, or trades, then I’ll will all respect for this organization! Over and out.

  6. #6 stevejur says:
    January 13, 2007 at 9:38 pm

    Are some of you stupid or something?
    Have a little faith? come on support your team? blip on the radar???
    Stop! Stop! Stop!
    What team have you been watching the last 3 weeks?
    and by the way that’s one long blip on the radar.
    RIVET and THE DEFENSE SUCK and the
    Samsonov experience must come to an end and soon.
    They are absolutely disgraceful, 8-3 beating cannot be forgotten or forgiven
    and on Hockey Day in Canada. On Hockey Day in fuck’n Canada. Shame on them.
    Last years slide to 8th place has returned and there’s no end in site.

    And to answer your question a win against Detroit on Monday
    won’t change todays results.
    This result won’t be forgotten for years to come. Years.
    There must be changes ASAP!
    That mid 90’s feeling came back today when the team was so shit.
    I didn’t miss that feeling and now it’s back.
    Shame on them! Shame! Shame!

  7. KOVALEV,SAMSONOV,NIINIMAA,AEBISCHER,JOHNSON BOUILLON,DANDENAULT,RIVET,DOWNEY. There’s almost $21,000,000 and I’d trade every one of them.

  8. #8 high 4 habs says:
    January 13, 2007 at 10:58 pm

    here is my list of players to keep: Koivu, Ryder, Higgins, Johnson, Latendresse, Lapierre, not sure about Kovalev. On D, keep Souray, Markov,Komiszarek,Bouillon, Streit. leaving: Rivet, Aebischer, Bonk, Samsonov,maybe Kovalev,Dandenault,Ninnimaa,Murray, Downey.
    So, Gainey has alot of work to rebuild this team, from the bottom up, because is happy the way we’re playing. there is VERY LITTLE offence, NO DEFENSE,Huet is starting to have too many bad games, and a general “who cares” attitude.
    It was simply DISGRACEFUL today.
    The only thing good about today is the fact that the leafs lost 6-1 to Vancouver. If we’re not careful we could lose a chance to be in the playoffs. but, what’s the difference, we’ll be eliminated in the 1st round anyways,as usual!

  9. WHO WOULD YOU TRADE? This should be the next blog!!!

  10. Sorry, I missed tonight’s game and any potential between period antics of Ottawa fans, but hey, relax, guys…. The Habs are still fourth in the conference with a few games in hand on most of the other teams. Next week is going to be a tough week too, but as long as they make it to the all star break in a playoff position, they will be fine. Gainey will make some of the necessary moves when the timing is right (not necessarily, give away the entire team, mind you.) Don’t panic. Have a little faith. No, I don’t think that the Habs will win the Stanley Cup this year either, but they are a better and more talented team with every passing year. 2012, watch out.

    PS. coutNY_HabsFan, can you spell check this e-mail for me, and smiler 2729, can you explain it to everyone else.

  11. Hey Rob,your smoking the good stuff arn’t you.Oh yeah, I guess the hab fans that won’t make it to 2012 are S.O.L. I THOUGH THE IDEA WAS TO WIN THE CUP,EVERY YEAR! Anyways ,don’t bogart ,pass that shit over.

  12. Xhabsfan:

    Please don’t encourage joshtm! We hear the message trade, trade, trade all the time without it necessarily being sought after. Let me ask you something. Doesn’t it actually take two GMs to make a trade, and what other GMs have made any significant moves to date since this current season started. How about none so far. I agree that there have been a few spare parts thrown around, but nothing significant. The Habs are not in a position that they have to start making panic trades. These rarely work out for the club that is on the panicking side anyways, and Downey for Crosby and Malkin is not likely going to work.

    And why does a guy who has already explained to the rest of the bloggers that his blog name actually means ex-habs fan waste his time putting message on the Habs blog anyways.

  13. As for the potential between-period antics of any unruly fans, I would consider the source before casting blame on the entire city of Ottawa for this. The classless idiots that pulled that childish stunt are obviously so desperate that they are trying to get under the skins of Habs fans everywhere. This only works if you allow it to. Just remember that the creeps who performed this act actually have the misfortune of having to live with themselves. It is divine justice really.

  14. #14 high 4 habs says:
    January 14, 2007 at 12:46 am

    All these bloggers who say, “don’t panic, everything is ok”, will wake up in April, and say: “What happened? How come we didn’t get in the playoffs?” So you think we’re solidly in 4th place? Ottawa is only 1 point behind us,and Carolina is now only 1 point behind us, NYR are 3 points behind. and those 2 games we have in hand? you have to WIN those games for it to count. Right now we’re not winning, and 1 of those games in hand is vs Detroit! We aren’t going to finish any higher than 7th place, and that’s if we’re very lucky! The rest of the way we’ll be a 500 team, and that’s just not good enough! The habs are so mediocre, it’s sad, because this team NEVER gets any better. There’s no difference between this team this year and the one that backed into the playoffs last year. You might say our PP is better, but if we lose Souray, it goes back to being very plain, AGAIN! Our D is no better, and our offence is no better, goaltending the same, so pathetic team, again! and in the off season, no UFA’s will sign with us, so how are we ever going to become a great team? We can’t do it alone ,with bringing up players from Hamilton. not enough. I’m feeling really frustrated with the habs, and very disappointed, but habs do this same crap to their fans every year. we get our hopes up, and then reality sets in. I’m tired of losing, and early exits from the playoffs.

  15. ROB, I have been a Habs fan since I was about 6, started watching them at about 1966. Gone to their games and seen all of it,glory and not so good.SEEN A LOT OF CUPS!,THIS IS NOT THE HABS!!! This is a pathic,over paid,sad excuse for what the HABS are all about,so I’VE RENAMED THEM THE XHABS,SO SMOKE ANOTHER ONE AND DEAL WITH IT!

  16. Oh yeah Rob,I’m also all about acountabilty, I do believe it’s the XHABS that are getting josttm going!

  17. Xhabsfan:

    Gotcha! Sorry about the misunderstanding. I lived through the glory days myself, and was in regular attendance at the old Forum from 1975-1983. As you will recall, Bob Gainey lifted the cup as captain during some of those years. You will also likely recall his work ethic and devotion to the team. His dedication to the fans of Montreal in playing out his entire career in Montreal despite the fact that he was clearly the best player in the world in the role that he played. Viktor Tikhonov, the legendary coach of the Red Army, told the world so.

    Yes, the days of dynasty teams are over which is unfortunate for those of us who have witnessed them. However, the idea that any team can win the Stanley Cup in the new NHL in any given year is pretty exciting, and no, I am not on any dope. I also have to believe that a team that has a world class, Stanley Cup winning GM, an actual direction and as proud a history as the Habs have had is going in the right direction. You may be asking too much of your team if you expect them to win the Stanley Cup every year.

    Teams that stay together through adversity make for good teams. Teams that pick up a half dozen free agents every year and then make panic trades at the deadlines are…. well, the Leafs!

  18. #18 joshtm says:
    January 14, 2007 at 1:28 am

    As compared to teams that invest in their rookies, keep them and make a dynasty. All Gainey has done is get rid of whatever history Montreal could have. Watch, he’ll get rid of this year’s bumper crop of great rookies.

    I bet even now he has a scratch sheet full of injured has beens.

    So whatever happened to the Gainey that had the work ethic? The one that raised the cup over his head? Where is the champion? What is he doing wasting millions on losers?

  19. joshtm:

    Who do you think acquired the frickin’ rookies/prospects? Carey Price, Emelin, David Fischer, Ryan O’Byrne, Dan Jancevski, Chris Higgins, Gui Latendresse, Halak, the Kostitsyn brtohers, Grabovski, etc., etc. Do you actually think that they actually fell from the sky? Just because you don’t understand the plan, doesn’t mean that you have any right to question that the universe is unfolding as it should. Stop criticizing Bob Gainey for picking the players that you think should be playing! He will play them when they are ready.

  20. #20 24cups says:
    January 14, 2007 at 1:43 am

    I hope those fools responsible for the antics on the jumbotron have fun with a eternity of fire and sulphur. Burn in hell you childish barbarians.

  21. How about a cup du stanley every 15 years then,I don’t think so ,not even close with this group.Face it ,this puzzle will never work,so it needs to be reworked,stop spending money on this ,it will never work as is.I love Bob Gainey but as Tina TURNER once said “what’s love got to do with it”!

  22. Xhabsfansss:

    I believe that you are completely wrong. For example, when Bob Gainey picked Carey Price in the first round, fifth overall a short time ago. Everyone criticized him because the Habs had Theo who as it now appears ain’t good enough to be a back up goaltender in Colorado. Now, the Habs have a prospect in goal who has the potential to win the Stanley Cup whereas Theo could only sometimes get them into the playoffs and occasioanlly past the first round. For some reason, even then we were excited by that when it happened.

    The team is being built with a plan. There a number of young capable, quality defensemen coming through the ranks, and it is a young team with a number of up and coming quality prospects. I forgot to mention Chipchurra in post #119.

    That the current Habs have even given you hopes to be dashed is remarkable if you ask me. A few minor changes, a few players get hot and things could happen. Gainey publicly stated that he didn’t expect Samsanov to fit in until February so give him another month to see if he has anything in his tank.

    Bad news though. If you thought this week was bad, next week might be worse. The all star break will be a welcome site.

  23. #23 24cups says:
    January 14, 2007 at 2:11 am

    Just watched the highlights and every defenceman was responsible for at least one goal.

    Rivet: 1st goal(tunover behind net) 3rd goal(left his man IFOnet) 5th goal (turnover leading to 3 on 1) Many more turnovers not leading to goals.

    SOuray: Scored on goal(8th goal)

    Markov: Horrific clearance on (7th goal)

    Komi: Tunover on (2nd goal) HOrrific coverage on (4th goal)

    Dandeneault: Missed open net then stood there with his hands in the air while Ottawa raced down and scored. NOw thats inexcusable.

    Boullion: NO obvious mistakes but was out muscled numerous times which is usually his strength.

    NOw Im not going to pull a JOshtm and say everyone should be traded because that would be just ludicris and childish. But a few changes need to be made to develop a stronger core and better pairings. HEre is my suggestions. Obviously I would not expect all to happen.

    1) Rivet needs to go. Whether it is trading a a future 5th rounder and placing him on waivers just freeing up some cap space would be an improvement here. HE has become a eyesore and a nightmare for our goalies. ANd ther is talk he wants a raise. PLEASE!!!! WHen he was with Souray, he strggled then Boullion has struggled with hiim. ITs obvious Rivet is the posion. Even his biggest fan (habs1) has lost faith and that is because it has come to a end with our faith and hopes. He has to go.

    2) Need to tinker with the pairings. As much as Komi benefits from playing with Markov we cant allow this to control the other pairings. Obviously we need to try some new options. It may be time to move Streit back to D.

    3) WHere has the physical play gone? When teams enter our zone we are backing off consistently. ALow team to walk in to the circles and fire numerous shots. We need to stand up to our opponents a little more.

    4) Get the freakin puck out of our zone. Have they not practiced clearing the puck. HOw many times are we passing the puck directly to the opposition point men. Dump it ou if you have to, take the icing just stop running scared in our zone which always leads to penalties.

    5) DId I mention get rid of Rivet? IF we have to play him then at least limit his ice time. He is causing problems every single shift. ANd worst of all when he turns the puck over he starts crosschecking everyone. Nerever marks a man and when the puck comes to him in the defensive zone instead of clearing ut he pins it up against the boards for some reason. THen he lossed it and takes a penalty. Its is sickly.

    Rivet you have been a classy palyer for years but please hang up the skates and get behind the bench for you are causing alot of us fans alot of pain watching you struggle soooo much.

  24. #24 24cups says:
    January 14, 2007 at 2:20 am

    TO Craig RIvet:

    Please take one for the team and hang up the blades. IF it is the big payday you are looking for then dont bother even contacting Gainey. The new NHL has been too rough on you and we have all learned you dont have what it takes. IF you still want to give pep talks before the game then by all means go ahead. If for some crazy chance you are reading this blog please take this to heart for I have been a fan of yours for years but my support is for the welling being of the team and it is undisputable that you are a poison to this team and will only cause future nightmares come playoff time. You accidently ended our season last year agianst Carolina and I can see the same fate happening this year but in a much worse scenario. Please for the good of the team take you game elsewhere. I never thought I would be missing the likes of Weinrich, Dykhuis, Traverse and Brisebois but seeing you play these last few months have made me appreciate those guys a little more.

    IF you love this franchise as much as I do then you will step away immediately.


  25. #25 24cups says:
    January 14, 2007 at 2:22 am

    TO Sergie Samsonov;

    WHy do you hate us sooo much?

  26. Rob, we talked past, and future…where’s the present??? What tourch to pass on? The Habs have got cancers and it’s got to be cut out soon.S.O.S.

  27. Lets not forget that the senaters were without two of their top players last afternoon.Aswell,to answer your questions on what other G.M.’S are doing,all I can tell you is the Habs are the only team spiraling out of control rite now.DEJA VUE..

  28. Xhabsfansss: Some adjustments need to made, no question, but please everyone do calm down just a little and gain some perspective. All this trade talk and pleading for players to quit or resign is a waste of time and energy. Again, please have some faith in your team’s GM to do the right things.

    You know hearing alleged Habs fans criticize Gainey (for picking all those high quality prospects that he is not really even allowed to play because of the NHL’s CBA or rulings of the Russian International Ice Hockey Federation) sickens me more than what a few classless jerks in Ottawa did on their jumbotron.

  29. #29 stevejur says:
    January 14, 2007 at 3:43 am

    We can’t f@#$’n calm down, we lost 8-3.
    The doors have fallen off and the team is spinning out of control.

    We need some hard nosed Canadian/Americans on this team, players with grit.
    There’s way to much flash and not enough Ryan Smyth or Shane Doan heart.

    I just don’t know guys but Samsonov, Abby, RIVET, Niinimma, Downy and Murray
    are a waste of cap space. This garbage must be moved out!

  30. #30 24cups says:
    January 14, 2007 at 4:20 am

    I still believe we could find a interst in Samsonov. Its hard to think he is completely finished. Ninimaa will be gone come seasons end and he can sit in the press box until then. It would be a smart move to hold onto ABby unless a great offer is presented. Murray is waivers material. AS for DOwney it is good to have a guy like him ready to step in once in awhile if need be.

  31. #31 24cups says:
    January 14, 2007 at 4:30 am

    AS for Rivet the best we can hope for is he suddenly listens to the pleas and retires.

  32. #32 Snake says:
    January 14, 2007 at 7:39 am

    I agree, Rivet is absoulutely useless on the ice. HE has me wishing Ninimaa would get more ice time.

  33. Get your paper bags ready for tuesdays Vancouver game.I also want Leaf fans to know I’m sorry for all the shots I’ve given u guy’s since 1968.I had no idea how it felt till now.The pain, the pain….

  34. What,Habs playing Detroit monday then Vancouver tuesday, BACK TO BACK,OI VEY!!!

  35. #35 Habs#1 says:
    January 14, 2007 at 1:03 pm

    Do you guys think Gainey has an easy job? Do you think he sits on the beach all day, dosen’t watch what’s going on with the team while drinking Taquila shots all day? Do you think you can do a better job then he does? He has a 24/7, all year round job.

    And you also don’t seem to realise the mess he inherited from Savard and the Molson ownership group. He inherited a team with almost no half-decent prospects and in three years had the Habs are in the top five in the league rankings when it came to prospects. He turned a team around that had made the playoffs once in the past 6 years and now they’ve mad it two straight.

    You also don’t seem to realise how hard it is to put together a Stanley Cup winning team these days.It’s not the 70’s anymore. Let alone a perrenial contender. Do you know how many years it took San Jose to put together a cup contending team? A decade. Tampa Bay? A decade and a half before they built a Stanley Cup winner. Ottawa? 8 years before they had a good team. Frankly it’s pretty damn amazing that Gainey has this team turned around in such a short time.

    Do you think that it’s the Habs god given right to have a dynasty again? Did you think that just because they’re the Habs that it’s their birth right to win the cup right away? Putting together a good team will take time.

    ‘KOVALEV,SAMSONOV,NIINIMAA,AEBISCHER,JOHNSON BOUILLON,DANDENAULT,RIVET,DOWNEY. There’s almost $21,000,000 and I’d trade every one of them.’

    Well just cause you’d trade them dosen’t mean other teams would want them, let alone give something up for them. Welcome to the NFL style CBA except you can’t release players when ever you want to and there’s more trading.

    The Golden rule of trading, you have to give something up to get something. So if you want an immediate impact player that will put this team on his shoulders and carry them to a dynasty, well unless that’s Sid the Kid or Ovechkin(and something tells me those teams wouldn’t trade those two if they were offered 70% shares in Microsoft for the fee of 0$), you won’t get it. Other teams want the prospects or young players, not the underacheiving veterans. So unless your willing to give up Chipchura, Price, Latendresse, Kotstitsyn, Emelin, Fischer, Carle, Maxwell, Komisarek, Higgins or Halak, your not getting jack all.

    Xhabsfan, the 60’s and 70’s are over. The Quebec draft rule is gone. The Habs no longer have a monopoly on French Canadian super stars. The dyansty years are over. The salary cap will not allow you to keep a team filled with super stars together. Get over it.

    Welcome to 2007, were every team has the right to draft french canadians and superstar players, not just Montreal and to a time were it takes years to build a team to win the cup just once.

  36. #36 Habs#1 says:
    January 14, 2007 at 1:14 pm

    I told my friend about this sight who’s also a Habs fan and he got so disgusted by some of the things writin hear he’s convinced that guy’s like XHabsfan and joshtm are just Leafs fans coming here to stir the pot. And frankly after reading some of the stupid stuff writin here I might just believe him.

    Even the best teams have slides. Buffalo just lost two in a row and hasn’t been that great recently. Oh no. They should fir they’re GM right away. The Ducks have played below .500 in the past few weeks. Take up the pitchforks and let’s burn down randy Carlyle’s house. Atlanta lost 5 in a row before Staturday. Let’s drive Hossa and Kovulchuk out of town bacause they’re over the age of 20. It’s rebuilding time!

    Jeez, Stanley Cup teams don’t spring up over night. Gainey can’t sprinkle magic fairy dust over the Habs so they’ll turn into Larry Robinson, The rocket, Henri Richard, Jean Beliveau, Steve Shutt, Guy Lafleur, Doug Harvey, Patrick Roy, Guy Lapointe, and Serge Savard.

    You impatient people will need to wiat 1-2 more years before the Habs become tops in the East. Deal with it.

    We’ve waited since 1995(since Roy left), with no hope. Now we have some. Show a little faith and patience.

  37. HABS#1,you as well questioned the worth of these players by your comments,HELLO. By the way, montreal trading those players would be in the players intrest as well, a new start,good for all. I myself feel there is trade bait in said players. Let the tradeing begin,can’t wait.

  38. #38 stevejur says:
    January 14, 2007 at 1:59 pm

    To answer your question:
    …and yes it is the Habs god given right to have a dynasty again.
    …and yes it is the Habs birth right to win the cup right away.

    Sorry dude you cheer for the Canadiens not the Leafs.
    Winning is contagious and losing is unacceptable.
    Losing 8-3 to Ottawa players should be hung and shot.

    That’s reality!

  39. #39 high 4 habs says:
    January 14, 2007 at 2:02 pm

    As fans, we have been very patient. 1 cup in the past 14 years.
    We’re saddled with a team that has no heart, ( Koivu excluded),no desire, and no willingness to go the wall, to WIN! I know we discussed the issue of having more north american players, but it now comes to light in lieu of our present scenario. Guys like Kovalev and Samsonov don’t truly understand what it means to live in french speaking Quebec, and to hoist that cup above your head. It’s every kid’s dream here. These guys are from Russia. Do you think they grew up dreaming about the cup? We need hard nosed players, who will play even when injured, and deliver that cup. I’m sorry, but these players we have will never get the job done. Kovalev and Samsonov want to score by themselves, being puck hogs, without help from the rest of the team. The last time I looked, there were 6 players on a team, not 1. They are selfish players, who only want to embellish their own stats. There is no room for these type of players. They need to be banished to teams like NYR., because that is where they belong.
    As far as D men, Rivet is a cancer, totally useless, and needs to retire, because we are never going to retire his number, (like Robinson),or have a night for him. the best he can hope for is a GOING AWAY PARTY! NANA Goodbye!
    I wish Gainey would waive Murray, Downey, and Ninnimaa; then try and trade Aebischer, along with Samsonov, for draft picks, if it’s the only way to get rid of them. Then bring up Danis, and a young D man like Cote, and also bring back up Grabovski.
    I couldn’t believe that Gainey is paying Latendresse more money than Higgins. Is he crazy? Latendresse actually signed a contract for MORE money,( before playing a single NHL game) than what Higgins gets. Gainey needs to get his act together and do the right thing. Aside from goalie prospects, I don’t see any great prospects in Hamilton. Nobody down there is even in the top 10 in goals scored. So, no, I don’t believe we have great prospects, and I don’t believe that Gainey will accomplish what’s needed to be done!

  40. Sad but true high 4 habs,nicely put.

  41. Joshtm, you must be a Leafs or Bruins fan because all you do is come on this site and bash the Habs. What happens when they go on a roll, then you will say this team is unstoppable and that they have no weaknesses. Do I remembe correctly that just a few weeks ago when the Habs were on a serious roll and had just defeated Buffalo 5-2 in Buffalo that the Canadiens are for real and that there were no holes on the team. You were praising them back then but now that they are in a slump you people are criticizing them. I agree that they need to make changes and improve the team, but please don’t keep bashing them. If you fucking people are so smart, why don’t you go and run the team. Another thing for Joshtm, fuck off and don’t come on this site if you are going to bad-mouth the Montreal Canadiens, loser! Sorry if I am a little pissed off, had to get my point across!


  42. #42 Habs#1 says:
    January 14, 2007 at 4:36 pm

    You guys do know that most of the Europeans and the contracts given out(Rivet, etc.) were by Savard right. Don’t you realise that Gainey took over a complete mess and is only just turning it around.

    Blame Savard.

    Don’t worry guys. I’m right with you when it comes to letting go of Rivet, somehow getting rid of Sammy(I do have confidence that Gainey can do it), and that he can bring in a d-man or two in free agency, but it’s not going to happen overnight. Gainey is a patient GM. Personnaly, I’m looking at next season as the year the Habs take over the East.

    This team is not perfect. But like I said, there’s no fairy dust that can change that. Wait till mid-Febuary and then look for Gainey to make a deal near the trade deadline. That’s when the Kovy trade happened and the Theo trade. Look for Gainey to do something unexpected and huge, but it won’t happen right away.

    Oh stevejur, if it’s the Habs god given right, then why haven’t they won in 15 years?

  43. #43 Kazmojo says:
    January 14, 2007 at 5:21 pm

    Hey Ziyad, Rob and Habs#1: sorry for leaving you guys to handle the likes of joshtm, high4habs, xhabsfan and the like. Lemme get in my licks now.

    Bob Gainey might be the best thing that has happened to the Habs since they last won the cup. He has put them back on course and positioned them for a run at the cup. Remember all the pre-season punditry? Supposedly, the Habs would be fighting for the last playoff spot.

    And who could dispute such predictions? Their team didn’t change much from the last season, while the Bruins and Leafs made splashy signings. The biggest changes Gainey made were bringing in Samsonov and Johnson, while jettisoning Zednik, Bulis and Ribeiro. Hardly earthshaking.

    But suprisingly, most of the season they’ve been comfortably in fourth. I doubt they’re a true cup contender, but they’re on the right path — esp with the talent that’s to come (Grabovski, Lapierre, Kostitsyn, Price, Danis, etc).

    I can live with that.

  44. #44 snake says:
    January 14, 2007 at 6:46 pm


    We all know you are a Leafs fan. HAHAHAHAHHA NO cup since 67 what a frakin joke. Sundin has freakin nasty teeth. Leafs suck. ANytime I get down on the Habs I just compare to the Leafs and I feel fantastic. Try it everyone.

  45. #45 snake says:
    January 14, 2007 at 6:48 pm



  46. #46 smiler2729 says:
    January 14, 2007 at 7:00 pm

    To Ziyad, Kazmojo,(and others like you) I like the sense you make among all the insane morons who inhabit this board (y’know the type: trade everybody now, kill Rivet, fire the coaches and the GM, real intelligent stuff guys). And to set the matter straight in the Videotron incident in Ottawa, it wasn’t the fans but a Senators p.r. skit promoting a trip to Barbados where their mascot throws a Canadiens character off the ship. Yes, very poor taste considering the Gainey tragedy and the Sens brass have apologized. I just wish the players could’ve stuffed that in their souls yesterday and stormed back to beat the Sens for Gainey but this ain’t no Hollywood script.

  47. #47 Rubberman says:
    January 14, 2007 at 9:06 pm

    Imagine being the GM. DOes he panick when noone wants to sign with his team? Does he second guess himself when an agent calls, knowing that the agent is just using the Habs to get more money elsewhere? I love this team but why doesn’t any of her provincial sons want to come and play here? Think about it, Brodeur doesn’t want to play in MTL. Wasn’t he born there? So, yeah, Gainey got stuck with some yahoos. I’m willing to bet that his mgt style of “I’m driving the bus”, will probably sink him. But, Gilette (?) is still making money, so does he care about a cup? Think: sold out every game, a good product on the ice (even if people bitch on this site). Does this sound a little like Harold Ballard?!?!!!!
    Please, get some players with heart here. If anyone is willing, trade Kovalez and Sami, and go with the young guys…

  48. smiler2729,I was thinking that all day today.The best way for the hab players to get back at that bullshit was to turn it on in the third,fire on all pistons, win one for Bob Gainey ,you know , the guy who has made them millionares,their Boss and their figure head,but nooooo ,nothing ,nothing can get those players going,nothing. Now,Iknow one of you dreamers are going to say”The players didn’t know about it,nobody told them till later, on the plane” but that would be bullshit,and U know it.Most of those fuckers just don’t care and if they did it would of shown either on the scoreboard or the effort in the third. No fighting,no scoring,no careing for their fans,for Bob Gainey,Coach Carbo,nothing just plain nothing.So fuck-em, make the changes Mr Gainey,lets put the heart and soul back in LES CANADIENS and kick some fucken butt!!!

  49. #49 smiler2729 says:
    January 14, 2007 at 10:07 pm

    Basically we’ll never see the kind of team we all want until we rid ourselves of the Euro content (the Kovalev, Samsonov, Niinimaa, Plekanec, Perezhogin, Bonk types SUCK)… now I’m not saying all of them (the Koivu, Markov, Streit types ROCK) but more North American grit and less Euro flash is needed. They have to play for the glory of the crest and its history and not for themselves. As for free agents not coming here, the taxes in Quebec are brutal. As for French Canadians not wanting to play here, the pressure is extreme… BUT the ones that do come here are the kind we need (Martin Brodeur loves the severe lack of any media or fan pressure and plays in New Jersey for less money than he’d get anywhere else). I think Gainey’s plan will come to fruition sooner rather than later but it doesn’t happen overnight so we gotta be patient and cheer on the team we have now. The NHL is pure parity now and parity sucks, it fosters mediocrity but the Montreal Canadiens are sitting in the top tier of this so we should be happy cuz they do play entertaining hockey (imagine being a Devils or a Wild fan, zzzzz).

  50. PLEKANEC and Bonk I would keep.There is a compedative nature in both of them,Isaw when Bonk got injured, he was hurting real bad but still played his position in the habs end.Man I felt sorry for him.

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