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Habs Hit the Road

  • The Habs start a 3 game road trip tonight which will see them meet Philly, Ottawa and Detroit.

    It’ll be crucial to get off to a good start with a decisive win against Philly, the worst team in the league. Because the game in Ottawa will be a challenging one and the Sens have climbed within 3 points of the Habs. Although the Habs have 2 games in hand.

    The Senators still haven’t played their best hockey and the larger the gap the Habs can make it the better.

    When is the last time the Habs finished above the Sens in the standings?

    The Ottawa game will be the first game of Hockey Day in Canada which will be broadcast coast to coast.

    Am I neglecting the Flyers? The Flyers DID beat the Canadiens once already this year.

    If the Habs lose to the Flyers again that would be quite embarrassing because if anyone has watched the Flyers a few times this year, you know that their record is deserved. They are awful. They have basically given up on the season.

    A couple consecutive wins will get the Habs back on track and then two great matchups against the Sens and Red Wings.

    The Habs and Wings meet rarely and it’s always a good metric to see how the Habs compete in Hockeytown.

    Sheldon Souray voted into the All-Star starting lineup. Congratulations to Sheldon who has certainly been a leader and a rock on the PP for the Habs.

    A career season, starting All-Star nomination, and an unrestricted free agent. If you’re a betting man the smart wager would be that these are Sheldon’s last games in the Tricolore.

    Souray could realistically pull in 5 million a season now. Maybe more. You know he’ll at least be shopping it, and other teams are willing. Can the Habs offer something like that? Would that not leave chicken bones and scraps for Markov, Rivet and company?

    And that’s assuming Souray still wants to be a Hab.

    Enjoy the rocket blast while you can.

  1. #1 smiler2729 says:
    January 14, 2007 at 10:49 pm

    I don’t get Alexei Kovalev… all that talent and he does so very little with it. Not very motivated. I think Sergei Samsonov just plain has lost it… if he’d shown up last spring for at least one game, Edmonton would’ve won the Cup… Maybe a deal with San Jose to reunite him with his good friend and former linemate Joe Thornton could help his fortunes…

  2. It’s a good idea,they just don’t work on the Habs and would probably John Leclair us playing for someone else.

  3. #3 Jack Tornton says:
    January 15, 2007 at 12:53 am

    BRING ON THE RED WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lets forget about the saturday gamoe———-WE’LL SMOOOOOOOOKE DETROIT!

  4. There you go Jackie boy. That’s the right kind of attitude for a fan to have!

    WE are all fans here right? Or Critics? IT almost seems like this is a blog page for the Quebec media.

    Bottom line is when was the last tiem we have been this high in the standings?
    Well the answer is January 1998. 9 years ago.

    I have forgotten the game on saturday already and so should everyone else. THe habs are a big part of my life but still I can overcome a loss every once in awhile. Unfortunetely it seems a few here are having a bout with depression shich medication should be sought.

    GO Habs.

  5. ANd for those depressed folks, you should look for the positives in your life. FOr example you lady friend, buddies and most of all the fact that at elast there is a hockey season this year and the Habs will be playing in APril.

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