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Habs in 2007

  • Happy New Year.

    The question Habs fans are wondering is will the 2007 portion of the season be as good as their 2006?

    The Canadiens will hope to start off on the right foot after definitely ending it on the wrong one.

    The last Friday/Saturday games in Florida were by far the most painful and difficult to watch and the worst effort the team has put forth thus far.

    The Canadiens did not look like the Canadiens have looked all year.

    Can they bounce back and avoid the longest losing streak to date? The Habs have not lost three consecutive games all season long and will want to avoid that slippery slope.

    The fact is even good teams go through losing streaks.

    The Habs are a confident bunch after their strong start and you’d think they’ll dig their way out of their slump sooner rather than later.

    The fact that a two game losing streak is causing alarm is actually quite humorous considering the past decade of Canadiens hockey.

  1. #1 stevejur says:
    January 3, 2007 at 11:44 pm


    I have thought about this long and hard and I still don’t know if I would do it.


    Would you make this trade?

  2. #2 Jack Tornton says:
    January 3, 2007 at 11:45 pm

    I would, but Tampa Bay would never trade Vincent Lecavalier.

  3. #3 coutNY_HabsFan says:
    January 4, 2007 at 12:35 am

    I don’t think we could trade Nimmi and Sammy for draft picks at this point. Most teams are in the hunt for a Big D-man or trying to make Cap reductions, these guys do not fit the criteria! We have to give up the likes of Souray or Markov for the talent talked about above… Not worth it in my view! Dealing Price is interesting but do not think he’s ready for the show yet and teams are in need now. Not sure its a good idea to trade a top prospect like him with the talent he posesses.

  4. #4 habs phan says:
    January 4, 2007 at 2:46 am

    trade carey price, that’s a joke right!!!! he hasen’t even played a game for us yet. trade him… aquire him…. this and that about reeling and dealing. whatever happened to having full faith in the cards that you were dealt and playing them wisely to come out on top. (and i’m not refering cards to players)i think the best move right now is to get behind our team and support every last one of them. gainey and carbs combined have enough knowledge to put together the best lines for us. no i’m not buddist. just a true believer in keeping what you have(which seems to be working pretty good right now) and not rolling the dice on risky trades. maybe i’m out to lunch, who knows. i’m just not getting all excited, looking for my gun to start firing aimlessly. good luck tomorrow night in washington, stick on ovechkin like a fat kid on a smarty. go habs go let’s rev up the engine and start steemrolling our competitors.

  5. Trade Carey Price and Jaroslav Halak, that way when you shoot your foot,it’s a job well done. Mind you it would make Yann Danis day.I would like to see more defensive size on the Habs,might take care of some of the eratic play in front of Huet,send Niniima to Bullbogs bring up Mathieu Biron. Aswell, send Murray and Downey to Bullbogs and bring up Duncan Milroy and LAPIERRE…. SNIPERS…

  6. Hab Heaven;

    OKay its seems like I am going to have ot talk hockey fundamentals with you since you dont seem to talk on the same knowledge level as most posters here. Its okay though we are prepared to help you. Scoring 30 goals in thsi league on a non playoff team does not mean you are a impact player that will improve a team that is currently in the top5 in the NHL. Mike COmrie has struggled with consistency thorughout his career and that is the last thing we need on our team especially since we have Kovy and Sammy already. IF we are to add a player it has too be a special commodity, not saying it has to be a Marleau type player but a player who can contribute more then he takes away. Gainey knows this more then anyone. That is why HE is the GM of the Habs and we he has turned this franchise around 100% in 3 years.

  7. ALso Lapiere on teh 2nd line? Hey I like the guy too but he is not 2nd line material nor is he a offensive guy. HE will be BOnks replacement next year if Radek decides to join the Caps which I think is a good possibility. WHy dont we just put Streit in net. HE made a save once does that make him a goalie?

  8. DId anyone else see COmrie Wink at the Senators wives section last night after he got his assist?

  9. #9 Mark LOVES the Habs says:
    January 4, 2007 at 11:49 am

    RYDER has 145 points in 201 games with the Habs with a minus 3. He’s also a major contributor on the power play(whose stats don’t count in the plus/minus of course). He’s also only missed 2 games in 2.5 years with injuries. I suspect he’ll pick up his production in the second half.

    BTW it’s not like the guy we traded away for Garth Murray is lighting it up. Marcel Hossa has 3 pts this year in 39 games with a minus 9.

  10. #10 hab heaven says:
    January 4, 2007 at 11:59 am

    yeah, and the Senators steamrolled past the Sabres. Have we? oops! sorry. I forgot, we BARELY squeeked by the sabres. great comparison. And by the way, Samsonov,( the terrible ),is on the 2nd line. What has he done? oh, yes, a grand total of 5 goals in 40 games. Yes, he’s done alot! we can most definitely build a franchise around Mr. terrible. And Lapierre, you mentioned,(who you said can’t score), has scored 3 goals, in a measly 3 games? He only needs 2 more to catch Mr. terrible; I think he can manage that. But the question is? will Samsonov(Mr. Terrible), score another goal this year? But, of course, IN YOUR OPINION, he deserves to be on the 2nd line. Maybe we should put players on lines according to how much money they make. Then I guess Sam(the terrible) should be on the exclusive 1st line, because he’s just worth so very, very, much! It’s too bad, your knowledge of hockey is so limited.And speaking about this franchise,unless you were around when Sam Pollock was GM of this team, (I was); He was the most intelligent and savvy GM in the history of the NHL. So,unless you can backup Gainey getting us a stanley cup,don’t talk because it’s just dribble and nonsense coming out of your mouth. Now, I’m sure you’ll write another nonsensical comment to offset this. So, let’s see how immature and small brain you have.

  11. #11 Mark LOVES the Habs says:
    January 4, 2007 at 12:42 pm

    Hab heaven,

    There is really no need to be so rude and condescending in this blog. If you are this venomous with fellow Habs fans, I can’t imagine what you are like with other people. If you can’t play nice don’t comment at all.

  12. The Senators are only 5 points behind the Canadiens but I feel the Habs will finish in second in the division and 4th or 5th in the conference. I agree with some of the bloggers here that Comrie is an inconsistent player and he won’t make much of an impact. I hope Bob Gainey makes a trade to get the second line center we need and maybe another defenceman. We can trade someone like Craig Rivet for a good quality defenceman and Aebischer for a power forward up front. Gainey is smart and will wait until the trade deadline to get the type of player that can get us over the top!


  13. #13 hab heaven says:
    January 4, 2007 at 1:17 pm

    Hey Mark; I haven’t seen you on this blog before, so obviously you haven’t read alot of comments.My comments are nothing compared to what has been posted before. Unfortunately, most of the bloggers are quite iliterate, as you can see by their grammar, and lack of knowledge. But , why do you take these comments so seriously? We’re all just joking around. Have some sense of humor. Imagine if everyone lived life according to these blogs. We would all be in a fine mess. It’s because people respond rudely to my remarks, that I feel the need to respond, and put them in their place.Please don’t judge a person according to these comments. It’s my love for the habs, that I write so passionately. I only want them to shore up their weaknesses, and have at much talent as possible, and of course to WIN! winning is the name of the game.
    I’m used to the best(circuit 1975-79), and that’s what I’m hoping to see again, at least to some degree.So, even tho we might not agree on alot of issues, we all want what’s best for the habs, right? so relax and enjoy. this blog is only funtime to me, and I do laugh at alot of the comments, simply because they make such little sense.

  14. #14 Habs#1 says:
    January 4, 2007 at 1:25 pm

    There will never be a team like the Habs in the 70’s or the Oilers of the 80’s again. The cap won’t allow it.

  15. #15 Jack Tornton says:
    January 4, 2007 at 2:44 pm


    DId anyone else see COmrie Wink at the Senators wives section last night after he got his assist?

  16. #16 Jack Tornton says:
    January 4, 2007 at 2:46 pm

    Believe it or not, I have this strong feeling of a block buster trade comming soon, and Habs are invloved in it.

    Key Players: Aebisher, Samsonov, Souray, Downey or Murray, Ryder

    *I’m not saying all of them, but some of them

  17. #17 joshtm says:
    January 4, 2007 at 3:15 pm

    Everyone knows that Gainey has Souray practicing on tripping his own goalie and passing the puck away…how else is he gonna trade Sheldon?

    As for trading Price, that is a no no, that is like giving away your playbook…and Price is hot. Especially since Montreal has no defense….the only way Montreal can make it to the first round of playoffs is through a good goalie.

    Trade Ninny, Streit and Murray and maybe Downie, for a hot forward, since Montreal has no defense, no defense means you have to have a hot offense and a decent goalie. Most of all we gotta ask Bob Gainey from having Sheldon basically playing against his own team…honestly Bob, having Sheldon knock down Huet or Abby so the other team can score the winning goal?

  18. #18 Mark LOVES the Habs says:
    January 4, 2007 at 3:38 pm

    Hab Heaven,

    OK Fair enough. I’m new at the Blogger game and only sought out a Habs blog after the disaster in Tampa Bay on Dec 30th in order to ease my frustrations. So I’m a blogger virgin. I’ll lighten up.

    I grew up in Windsor…went to University in Ottawa(with many trips to the Forum as a fan and student journalist) and have lived in Toronto for the past 20 years. There is no BIGGER Habs fan in the world than me. Want proof-I can’t eat a meal during a Habs game becuase of the stress. Is that sick or what:):)

  19. #19 hab heaven says:
    January 4, 2007 at 5:13 pm

    Mark; I know the feeling. I grew up with the habs of the 70’s, those magnificant players, and basically got spoiled, with all those cups, especially 1975-79; what awesome teams, the likes of which we will never see again. That is why I want the habs to win so much, and want them to be perfectionists. I know it’s not realistic, but I just hate to lose, even 1 game. I want our habs to be the best, and the envy of all the NHL.e have been downtrodden and in the lower class of the league for way too long now, and it’s time for a rebirth, into the upper echilons of the league. i will always wear the CH proud, and will love them win or lose, but it’s much easier to admire when you’re winning. I appreciate your candid remarks, and loyalty, Mark. keep the faith!

  20. #20 joshtm says:
    January 6, 2007 at 12:27 am

    Its sad, even last night Markov tried to one up Souray’s civil war on the Habs….did anyone see Markov’s attempt at kicking the puck into his own goal? What is this soccer or what?

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